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Debunking 5 Common Myths About Tampons

Join us as we bust some of the most common myths around tampons, you may even learn a thing or two! 

Tampons are a popular menstrual product for people with periods, but they are also the subject of many myths and misconceptions. Some people believe that tampons can get lost inside the body, or that they are unsafe to use. These tampon myths can create unnecessary fear and anxiety around using tampons, which might make some people avoid them altogether. 

We're here to debunk common myths about tampons and provide accurate information on how to use tampons safely and effectively. Whether you're a tampon user or trying them for the first time, this article will help you make informed decisions about your menstrual health.

Tampon Myth #1: Non-applicator tampons are only suitable for heavy flows

Reality: Lil-Lets non-applicator tampons come in six different absorbencies to suit every menstrual flow.

So, you’ve heard that non-applicator tampons are only suitable for a heavy flow but that simply isn’t the case! You can get non-applicator tampons in several different absorbencies, to cover everything from very light flows to extremely heavy ones. Here at Lil-Lets, we make six different absorbencies and are the only company in the UK to do so! 

Our range looks like this:

We make tampons from lite (for a light flow) to ultra (for an extremely heavy period), so whatever your flow we’ve got you covered. You may have to try a few different absorbencies to see what works for you as everyone’s body is different, not to mention the fact your flow can differ from day to day. You may need to use 2-3 different absorbencies during each cycle.

Tampon Myth #2: You can’t sleep in a tampon

Reality: You definitely can sleep in a tampon. Just remember to change it every 8 hours.

We hear this one all the time, it’s probably the most common tampon myth. Lots of people think you can’t sleep in a tampon, but you can. A lot of people find them more practical than pads.

We’ve all gone to bed with our pad firmly in place, only to wake and find it’s shifted a teensy weensy bit and we’ve leaked. Or somehow it’s in a completely different place than where we put it, it’s very frustrating! Whereas our width-ways expanding tampons are super comfortable and if you use the right tampon absorbency for your flow, you can be sure you’re protected while you sleep.

When using tampons, one really important thing to remember is that the maximum time you should wear one is 8 hours and after this, you’ll need to change and replace it.

So, if you want to sleep in a tampon you may find that it’s best to insert it last thing before bed and remove it as soon as you wake up. Remember not to flush the tampon when disposing of it in the morning!

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Tampon Myth #3: The tampon can get lost inside you

Reality: Tampons can’t get lost – they have nowhere to go!

Bear with us here. To explain why a tampon can’t get lost inside you, we need a brief biology lesson… starting with the functionality of the female anatomy.

Your cervix sits at the top of your vaginal passage. It acts like a door to your uterus, however, it’s a very small door… too small for a tampon to pass through! In other terms, you can consider it a dead end for tampons.

It’s also worth remembering that tampon strings are there for easy removal. The string hangs slightly outside of your body, so when it’s time to remove it, you can give it a gentle tug and it will glide out.

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Tampon Myth #4: Non-applicator tampons can be tricky to insert

Reality: Using a non-app tampon can take a bit of practice, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll never look back! 

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been handed a non-applicator tampon and thought great… what do I do with this?! However, there’s honestly nothing tricky about it once you know how. Our top tip would be to wait for a heavier flow day as it’ll make putting in a tampon a bit easier.

Remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and expect to become a non-app pro overnight, it can take people a couple of tries or even cycles to get to grips with inserting a non-app tampon. However, once you’ve got the knack of inserting, it’s like riding a bike… you never forget!

Are you ready to ditch the single-use plastic applicator and join the non-app life? You can start your journey by stocking up on our non-applicator tampons and watching our video on how to insert a tampon.

Tampon Myth #5: Tampons can take away your virginity

Reality: Using tampons has nothing to do with your virginity.

There's a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to tampons and their relationship with virginity.  Before we address the myth, let's first understand what virginity actually means. Virginity is a social and cultural concept that is associated with someone who has not had sex. 

Virginity is not a physical state that can be determined by the use of tampons, the state of your hymen or any other external factors. Tampons are simply a period product designed to provide comfort and convenience during menstruation.

<h2>In Conclusion: Know your tampon facts and forget about the myths</h2>

When it comes to tampons, it's crucial to separate fact from fiction. Remember, tampons are a safe and reliable option during your menstrual cycle. They can be used for light to heavy flows and they do not have an impact on your virginity. By knowing the facts, you can make informed decisions about your menstrual health. And if you need to, consult a doctor, gynaecologist or women’s healthcare professional for sound medical advice.

Trust your own experiences and listen to your body. Educate yourself, stay informed, and feel empowered to make choices that suit your individual needs. Let's learn about tampon myths and facts together while supporting each other on our menstrual journeys.

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