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We’ve been supporting women and people with periods for nearly 70 years and that’s not just by providing them with a great choice of products to use during their period. Lil-Lets have always been passionate about making a difference to those in need and we believe everyone should have access to essential products, especially as periods are not a choice.

Period equality is a term that is widely used and refers to women having access to period products regardless of their circumstances. People in the UK are struggling to cover the costs of essential items such as period products, and because of this many are going without. Here at Lil-Lets we support period equality and believe everyone should have access to essential period products. To support those with limited access, we have been making charitable donations to local charities in and around Birmingham for many years, however, we wanted to go one step further and are thrilled to be supporting our charitable partners, Beauty Banks and In Kind Direct. Both charities exist to end hygiene poverty and provide essential products to people across the UK. Lil-Lets are and will be working with the charities going forward to make period products more accessible. 

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Beauty Banks

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Beauty banks, an amazing charity who are fighting the battle to end hygiene poverty for people across the UK. Lil-Lets are and will be working with Beauty Banks to make period products more accessible to all!

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In Kind Direct

To ensure our period products are reaching people who need them the most, we have partnered with In Kind Direct who are on a mission to provide access to life’s essentials to everyone and that no usable product should go to waste. Find out more on how Lil-Lets are supporting this mission by partnering with this brilliant charity.

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Lack of education around periods can be a significant contributor to period equality with many young people not fully understanding how their bodies work or the options available to manage their periods.

We believe education and expert advice is fundamental in helping you navigate your periods, comfortable and confidently. Find out below on how Lil-Lets is making period & puberty education accessible to all.

Making RSE Simple

Here at Lil-Lets we’re making teaching RSE as simple as possible by providing you with free, downloadable resources so you can tackle those tricky topics with ease

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Free Period Products For Schools

Yes, you heard us, free period products! If you’re a school in England you could be entitled to a government grant to provide products to students that need them most.

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Free Teacher Training

We know teaching relationships and sex education (RSE) isn’t always easy, that’s why we’ve worked with young people’s charity Brook to create a free, interactive platform to help you deliver effective and engaging lessons to your students.

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Tackling Taboos and Busting Myths

When it comes to periods and puberty there is plenty of fake news out there but do you know the difference between the myths and the facts?

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Endometriosis UK is the leading national charity dedicated to providing support and information for those who have the condition. They work hard in understanding endometriosis through campaigning, awareness-raising initiatives, and research, offering a wide range of advice and support, including a helpline, information leaflets and local support groups. These services are run by volunteers, all of whom have been affected by the condition. Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women and those assigned female at birth, the majority of who are of working age. As an employer, we are committed to supporting our workforce and helping employees reach their full potential, which is why we’re proud to have signed up to become an Endometriosis Friendly Employer. If you would like further information on what endometriosis is or how to seek support, visit: https://www.endometriosis-uk.org/. We also have a blog post explaining a little bit more about the symptoms you may experience!

Endometriosis explained
Endometriosis Friendly Employer

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