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Maternity Advice for Mums

We know that becoming a mum is life-changing! Whilst we can’t help with the nappy changes and 2am feeds, we've put together maternity and pregnancy advice to guide you through this exciting time in your life.

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Changes To Your Body In Early Pregnancy

Written by Lara Taylor, Specialist Midwife

So, you’ve recently found out you’re pregnant and I’m sure you’re experiencing a mix of emotions.

Unexpected Body Changes During Pregnancy

Your growing baby bump and ever-increasing breast size are just some of the more obvious physical changes you’ll notice during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pain And Discomfort

Pregnancy has a huge impact on your body for a whole 9 months, and it's only natural during this time to feel the odd aches and pains. But how do you know what is normal pregnancy pain and what may be something more serious?

Breast Changes During Pregnancy

Hey there, mum-to-be! Get ready to embrace some exciting changes on your pregnancy journey, including those happening in the chest department.

Body And Period Changes During Pregnancy

Crying at the drop of a hat? Wondering why your favourite foods suddenly make you want to throw up? Chances are, you’re experiencing some of the usual pregnancy symptoms...

Pregnancy Related Incontinence

Here's everything you need to know about pregnancy-related incontinence. First lesson: it is way more common than you might think.

Breast Leaks During Pregnancy

Understand the reasons behind leaking breasts, and discover new ways to manage it with confidence.

Vaginal Discharge In Pregnancy

With so many other signs and symptoms of pregnancy talked about, vaginal discharge in pregnancy often gets overlooked, so if you’re wondering why all of a sudden, you’re producing more discharge, or unsure what it’s supposed to look like during pregnancy, we’ve got the answers.

Intimate Hygiene In Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about many changes in your body, and maintaining intimate hygiene becomes especially important. 

The 2nd Trimester - What To Expect

The second trimester of pregnancy, between 13- 28 weeks can bring with it a wave of excitement and a new lease of life, as well as relief for some. 

Written By Lara Taylor - Specialist Midwife

Preparing For The Postnatal Period And Having A ‘Postnatal Plan’

Written by Lara Taylor, Specialist Midwife

The weeks after birth are a time for recovery and healing as well as navigating the huge adjustment to motherhood, as you learn to bond with your baby and understand its needs. 

Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist

Babies can be unpredictable, so we've prepared a handy hospital bag checklist to help you pack your bags in advance.

Perinatal Mental Health (PMH) – During and After Pregnancy

Written by Lara Taylor, Specialist Midwife

Mental health in pregnancy is known as Perinatal mental health, you may never have heard of it, or known anyone who has suffered with it, but it’s so important to understand what to look out for and when to ask for help.

How will I know I’m in labour?

Written by Lara Taylor, Specialist Midwife

We all know the term labour I’m sure: the active process of delivering a baby, and I’m pretty certain now you’re pregnant you’ve heard lots of labour and birth stories, maybe some being more unsettling for you than reassuring!

Maternity Pads And Managing Postpartum Bleeding

Find out all you need to know about postpartum bleeding and how maternity pads can help manage the time following birth.

6 Weeks Postpartum Your New Normal After Pregnancy

From six weeks after giving birth and onwards: the checkups, your wellbeing and what you should never forget to mention to your doctor

Breastfeeding your baby: What to expect in the early days

What to expect in those early days of breastfeeding, so you can feel confident and most importantly prepared.  You’ve got this Mama!

Breastfeeding Positions – Finding What Works For You!

Endorsed by Lara Taylor, Specialised Midwife.

When it comes to finding the right breastfeeding positions for you and your baby, only you will know what feels most comfortable. 

Colostrum….and harvesting. The what, why and how!

Written by Lara Taylor, Specialist Midwife

I’ve got to say, out of all the amazing things our body can do, creating Colostrum has to be one of the most intricate and advanced.

How to get a good latch when breastfeeding

We’re here to explain how to get a good latch whilst
breastfeeding, and what to do if things don’t feel quite right.

How Will I Know If I Have A Low Milk Supply?

Endorsed by Lara Taylor, Specialised Midwife.

If you’re a breastfeeding mum, you may worry that your baby isn’t getting enough milk from you or that you’re actually not making enough.


Lactational Mastitis – Causes, Symptoms And Ways To Treat & Prevent It.

Endorsed by Lara Taylor, Specialised Midwife.

So, your breast-feeding journey seems to be going well and your baby is latching on fabulously, and then out of nowhere and without warning, you start to notice a change in the way your breasts feel and look.

Bottle Feeding And Stopping Milk Production

Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby, your body will naturally produce breast milk. Here's a breakdown of what to expect and how to stop your breast milk supply if you choose to bottle-feed your baby.

The 4th Trimester -What To Expect!

The 4th trimester refers to the first 12 weeks after childbirth, a period of significant change and adjustment for parents. Let’s take a look at what this often-overlooked phase means for you and your baby.

Bonding With Your Baby

You've waited nine months for your baby to arrive, but what happens if you struggle to feel that initial bond? It's important to know that not all parents experience an immediate connection with their newborn, and that's okay. Bonding is a process that can take time to develop.

Bathing your Baby - How to clean your newborn

Taking care of your baby in those first few weeks can be an anxious time for many parents. How often...or how little do you bathe your little one?

Ovulation and Fertility

Planning to conceive? Here is some key information to help you along.