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Puberty Advice for Teens

If you’re curious about boobs and bras, or in need of first period tips, you’ve come to the right place. Becoming a teen can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. We’ve got expert puberty tips to guide you through all the changes.

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Breast Development

Boobs and bras can be areas of great confusion and anxiety as you go through puberty. Join Lil-Lets as we talk about breast development and your body's natural changes.

Your First Bra & Measuring For The Perfect Fit

One of the biggest decisions you make as a teenager is when to buy your first bra. If you’ve noticed your breasts feel tender, move about when you're active or your nipples start to show through your clothes, then it might be time for your first bra.

Let’s Talk About Periods

The idea of talking to your mum, dad or even friends about periods can feel pretty awkward. But trust us, once you’ve had the chat you will feel so much better.

My First Period

We know you have lots of questions about your first period. Join us as we share some tips and advice for managing your first period with confidence.

How To Prepare For Your First Period

Find out how to prepare for your period, with a little help from Lil-Lets. Your first period can be overwhelming, so read on to find out how to manage it.

Pads vs Liners

Confused about whether you need a pad or a liner, we've got the lowdown on what product best suits your needs.

Period Tips for School

Periods At School... How To Be Prepared!

Swimming On Your Period

Whether you’re new to periods or have had them for a while, there will come a time when ‘yours’ is with you and you plan to be in the water…and a pad simply won’t do!

Tips For Managing Your Period On Holiday

Just because it’s your time of the month, doesn’t mean you have to cancel all the fun things you love doing when on your holidays.

Weight gain in Teens

Are you someone who never seems to gain weight and find yourself teased by others for your childlike physique? Or maybe despite your best efforts you can no longer fit into your favourite pair of jeans? If this is you then read on……..

Why do we need the HPV Vaccination?

Everything you need to know about the HPV Vaccination!

Growing Pains

During your teen years your body is changing a lot and growing too! It won’t have seen such a rapid growth spurt since you were a baby! Perhaps you’ve noticed that you have grown taller than your friends over the summer break and feel a little self-conscious about this.

Tampons do's and don'ts

Tampons aren’t for everyone, and you may have heard some grizzly stories from friends or in the school toilets. But the truth is that tampons have been used for over 60 years by women all over the world who enjoy the freedom they offer.

The battle between Teens & Parents

Ok you love your parents, but if you, like many teens find that as you enter puberty quarrels and slamming doors are becoming the ‘norm’, read on for an understanding of why this is happening and what you can do to make home life hassle free.

What Is Toxic Shock Syndrome

Learn more about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from tampon use. What is this syndrome and is it common? Let’s find out.

What Is Period Equality

Period equality acknowledges the physical and emotional reality of menstruation, and works towards ensuring period products are freely available.

Intimate Hygiene

Discover effective and practical intimate hygiene tips for a healthy and confident you! From daily routines to product recommendations, we've got you covered.

Heavy Periods And How To Deal With It

Find out how to manage heavy periods that might leave you with feelings of discomfort. Whether you get them at home or work, we have tips and advice.

Emotional Changes During Puberty

You are likely to experience physical and emotional changes during puberty. It’s all part of becoming an adult. Read our guide for tips and advice.

Can You Flush A Tampon?

Many of us have considered flushing a tampon before, but you have to think of the consequences too. Find out if you can flush a tampon and how to dispose of one.

How To Put In A Tampon

Learning how to use a tampon can be a little tricky. To help you through this, follow our simple guide on inserting and removing non-applicator tampons with ease.

History Of Tampons Who Invented Tampons

Have you ever wondered who invented tampons? Discover the unique history of tampons and how they shape period care for women and people around the world.

Vaginal Discharge And How To Deal With It

There’s a lot to know about discharge, from what it looks like to what it shouldn’t look like, and we’ve got all the answers.

Endometriosis Explained

Endometriosis sounds scary, but it’s more common than you might realise. Join Lil-Lets as we learn more about some of the tell-tale endometriosis symptoms.

Are Periods Painful?

It helps to know how to evaluate period pain, especially if you often experience bloating and cramping. Here’s some key info on period pain symptoms and relief.

PMS, PMDD And Period Mood Swings

How much do you really know about PMDD and PMS? And yes, they are a real thing. Turns out we're not just moody for no reason. Read more about it.

Understanding Irregular Periods

Are you wondering why your period is irregular? We have some answers. Discover symptoms, causes and treatments to manage your menstrual cycle better.

Advice For Teens Sex And Sexual Feelings

When you go through puberty, you'll start to notice a lot of changes, one of these changes may be increased sexual feelings. Find out more with Lil-Lets.

#Non-App Life

Join the #NonAppLife and experience living everyday life on your own terms. With Lil-Lets non-applicator tampons you’re free to be who you are when on your period. Period.

Environmental Activist Ella Daish Shares Her Tips For A Greener Period

Environmental Activist Ella Daish shares her tips for a greener period.

Puberty Advice For Teens How To Prepare For And Deal With Puberty

From raging hormones to changing bodies, puberty can be a rollercoaster ride. Here’s everything you need to know about puberty and tips to handle it with confidence.

Lil-Lets Talk Launches

We're thrilled to launch Lil-Lets Talk! You can WhatsApp us on 0116 326 1967 anytime, with any question and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!

Debunking Myths About Tampons

There are many myths and misconceptions about tampons that have been debunked over the years. Read about the most popular ones here.

Tackling Taboos and Busting Myths

When it comes to periods and puberty there is plenty of fake news out there but do you know the difference between the myths and the facts?

What Is Sustainable Menstruation?

Gain a better understanding of sustainable menstruation. We touch on sustainable menstruation practices and how to make a positive impact on the planet.

Keeping Safe In Cyberspace

The Internet has changed the lives for most of us and has opened up the world for us all to see…and whilst it’s great fun to speak to friends and find out new and exciting things, it’s important to be safe when on online. Here, we answer some of your questions.

Learn To Love Yourself

Don't confuse loving who you are with being arrogant or a showoff. There is a big difference between being kind to yourself and 'bigging' yourself up in front of others.

Dealing With Loss

Losing A loved One.

Did You Know Not All Tampons Are the Same?

Click the video to find out more.

Your First Crush and Surviving A Holiday Romance

First crushes and holiday romances can be thrilling and nerve-wracking all at the same time! Here are some tips to help manage these new feelings and maintain healthy expectations.

Too Tired For School

If you think about it, when you were younger, you were the one who bounded into your parent’s bedroom at the crack of dawn to wake them up right? But not anymore… It’s far more likely that your parent’s are the ones dragging you out of bed in the morning. So when did this change occur, why is it so difficult to get out of bed and what can you do to stop it?

Be Skincare Savvy

Isn’t it enough that you have to juggle school life, boys and parents during puberty! When out of the blue your face erupts into an outbreak of those dreaded spots.

Stretch Marks

What exactly are stretch marks?

Periods are not the end of puberty

So you’ve been waiting a couple of years for your period to arrive. Now it’s here, don’t be fooled into thinking that puberty is now over... your body has lots of developing still to do!

Boys & Puberty

Boys enter puberty a couple of years after girls and there are some signs of puberty that are unique to boys. This blog talks about the changes boys go through during puberty.

Getting braces fitted

Ever wondered what you might have in common with Angelina Jolie or Beyoncé…? Well braces is the answer! If you have them or are soon to be fitted with them, you’re in good company with celebrities now rushing to their dentist for this most unlikely of accessories

Sleepover tips and games

Whether you’ve been invited to a sleepover party or are hosting your own, we have put together some tips and games so you can turn yours into the ultimate event everyone remembers.

Keeping And Making Friends

Friendships are an important part of life, but it's natural for them to evolve and change over time. Here we delve into how to make new friends, keep them and when to let go!