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Pads vs Liners

Confused about whether you need a pad or a liner, we've got the lowdown on what product best suits your needs.

So you’ve started to notice the signs of puberty and looking down the supermarket aisle can be quite daunting. We’re here to take the mystery out of the confusion that surrounds pads and liners.


Pantyliners are extremely versatile and have multiple uses. They look very much like pads, only they are thinner and shorter; they can be worn on a daily basis to keep you feeling clean and fresh and are great for avoiding those little sweat patches we often see when we have been sitting on plastic chairs in the classroom.

One of the many signs that your period may not too far away be discharge; a clear or creamy yellow fluid noticed in and around the entrance to your vagina or in the gusset of your underwear. It can be quite upsetting the first time you notice it and whilst it’s very normal and nothing for you to be worried about, lots of girls find it leaves them with a damp feeling down below. If this does trouble you, then you may want to try wearing panty liners every day. Most girls find that one panty liner is all they need for the day, whilst others who experience heavy discharge may change two or three times during the day for that extra special clean feeling.

If like many girls you are worried about the arrival of your period and want to be prepared; again, liners are ideal as they will capture and hold the first drops of menstrual fluid released; allowing you time to get to the toilet and change to a pad, without any unnecessary leakage onto your clothes.

Finally, your flow can often become very light at the end of your period, and you may not be sure if you’ve quite finished, and this is again where panty liners are an ideal choice for total protection from leaks.

So, you see pantyliners are very useful and our pouches of four liners are ideal for keeping in your school or sports bag, or even coat pocket.


  • Once your period has arrived, a pantyliner will not be suitable for your medium to heavy flow days, and this is when you should switch to a pad. Thicker than liners, pads capture menstrual fluid and hold it safely within its core.
  • They're absorbent rectangles of material that stick to your pants, with a soft top cover that's worn next to your skin.
  • They also come with a sticky backing strip so that they stay in place and don't move around or fall out!
  • They have extra bits on the sides that are called wings, which fold over the edges of your underwear to keep the pad in place.
  • They come in a variety of sizes, normal, long and night.
  • Most have special ‘micro gel beads’ inside the pad to help catch menstrual fluid and prevent leaks.
  • When you’re ready, you may want to move onto our core range, which are longer and wider than our Lil-Lets teens pads but still as comfortable and absorbent.

Choose The Right Products for Your Flow

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