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Lil-Lets Teens Pantyliners

Lil-Lets Teens Liners are specially designed to fit teen bodies. They’re smaller than standard panty liners to make sure they fit a growing body perfectly.

Product Features:

  • They stick easily onto your pants and are small enough to carry in your bag without being noticed.
  • These liners stop you worrying about when your period will start as your underwear is always protected and they're perfect for absorbing discharge, which is a fluid that is released from the vagina.
  • Our liners are useful at the start and end of your period when it’s very light.
  • In class, they’re a great way of avoiding those sweat marks you can get from sitting on plastic chairs!
  • At the end of your period, you have a lot less blood loss and sometimes it's difficult to know when you have finished. Wearing a panty liner gives you total protection always.

Our teens liners suit a very light flow, or they can be used before or after your period. Alternatively, we have our Teens Pads range for light to heavy flow, ensuring round the clock protection.

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