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Here at Lil-Lets sustainability is high on our agenda and we are committed to taking steps to become a more sustainable business, now and in the future. Check out our progress so far and of course, watch this space!



A Planet Friendly Period for Teens

Our NEW plant-based, biodegradable, and compostable period pads, designed especially with teens in mind

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Our Sustainability Statement

Here at Lil-Lets we’ve been quietly educating ourselves on the importance of sustainability and what that means for us.

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Why We've Stopped Making Single-Use Applicator Tampons

As of November 2021, we’ll no longer be manufacturing our plastic applicator tampons and here’s why.

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Cruelty Free Periods

At Lil-Lets we ensure that no animal testing is carried out during the manufacture or development of products by Lil-Lets UK Limited or on their behalf. Find out more below!


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Be a Binner, Not a Flusher!

You may have seen the new logo on our packs and been shocked or wondered what it’s all about. This new logo is part of the European Union Single-Use Plastic regulations and here’s exactly what that means to us as producers and to you, as a user of tampons, pads or liners.

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How Much Plastic is in Your Period?

Do you know how much plastic is in your period and how you could reduce that?

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What's in Our Products?

Want to know what's in our products? Click here to find out more

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Product Safety

Your safety and well-being are extremely important to us, and we're committed to providing you with high-quality and safe products.

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