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We're on a mission to improve education & dispel any myths you may have heard about 'mainstream' period products being tested on animals. Read on to find out more...


Here at Lil-Lets we’re passionate about providing you with the best period products and have been doing so since 1954! We ensure all the materials used have been extensively tested over time so they’re perfectly safe. However, we can confidently say no animal testing is carried out or commissioned during the manufacture or development of products by Lil-Lets UK Limited or on their behalf.

Looking to make changes to your lifestyle choices?

We're making it our mission to help you choose period products that work for you, no compromises. We believe choosing what works for you is also key when it comes to your lifestyle choices such as reducing your meat consumption or being vegetarian or vegan. If you're looking to make that switch to a vegan lifestyle, its not just about the food you eat. It's important to consider your period products, ensuring they stand up to the mark and are kind to animals. Avoiding products that are made with animal derived materials and tested on animals is key to making this positive change.

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Breaking the myths about mainstream period products!

You may have read that ‘mainstream’ period products, or their ingredients are tested on animals or contain animal derived ingredients. This can create mistrust and uncertainty for consumers and we are keen to dispel these myths. We can confidently say no animal testing is carried out or commissioned during the manufacture or development of products by Lil-Lets UK Limited or on their behalf. Lil-Lets hold ourselves and our suppliers to a strict quality, moral and ethical code of responsibility and this extends to the material and ingredients our suppliers use.

All of our products are free from any animal* derived ingredients and there is no cross contamination during manufacture. Safety of our products is extremely important and therefore we ensure all testing of products and materials is done using laboratory test methods (so called in-vitro, which means in glass) or is done on willing human volunteers.

We make our products with everyone in mind!

*The word animal refers to the entire animal kingdom, all vertebrates and all multi-cellular invertebrates).

Check out the below information on our fully certified Lil-Lets organic range, which is also vegan friendly, whilst being a gentle solution for managing your period!

Organic Range

We know that for some of you organic products are the natural choice, even down to your period protection. That's why we've created our fully certified organic range, for a gentler solution to managing your period.

Expand All The Way Round (1)

Expand all the way round

For great comfort, fit & protection against leaks for up to 8 hours.

Pure Cotton (1)

Certified Organic Cotton

Made with 100% certified pure organic cotton and vegan friendly

Tested (1)

Dermatologically tested

They're dermatologically tested and come in three different absorbencies 

Fragrance (1)

No Fragrance

With no fragrance, dyes or chlorine bleach

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