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We believe that knowledge is power. On our Lil-Lets Hub, you can search for all the information you need to understand your body and the changes you may go through, allowing you to make empowered choices about what works for you.

There's nothing more powerful than shared experience when it comes to busting myths and tackling taboos about periods, and inclusive representation is critical for that too. Lil-Lets is for everyone who has a period.

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Let’s Talk About Periods

The idea of talking to your mum, dad or even friends about periods can feel pretty awkward. But trust us, once you’ve had the chat you will feel so much better.

Period Equality And How To Change It

For many of us, period equality is a reality. Join us as we discuss the challenges of period equality and find out what you can do to help.

My First Period

We know you have lots of questions about your first period. Join us as we share some tips and advice for managing your first period with confidence

Menstrual Cycle Phases

Whether your period is like clockwork or a little irregular, how heavy and how often you bleed is unique to your body. Read on to find out more about the menstrual cycle phase.

Maternity Pads And Managing Postpartum Bleeding

Find out all you need to know about postpartum bleeding and how maternity pads can help manage the time following birth.

What Is Toxic Shock Syndrome

Learn more about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from tampon use. What is this syndrome and is it common? Let’s find out.

Intimate Hygiene

Yes, your vulva is normal! Here are your top intimate hygiene questions answered in our expert guide.

Heavy Periods And How To Deal With It

Don’t think that you’re alone if you have heavy bleeding during periods, but if you're concerned, read Lil-Lets' expert guidance and seek medical advice.

Emotional Changes During Puberty

You are likely to undergo many emotional changes during puberty. This can be both daunting and confusing, so read Lil-Lets' guide for some help and advice.