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Lil-Lets Extra Protection SmartFit Ultra Tampons

Lil-Lets Extra Protection SmartFit Ultra Tampons gently expand all the way round for great comfort, fit, and protection against leaks.

These applicator-free tampons are smooth, with a rounded tip, for easy and comfortable insertion. Our Non-Applicator Extra Protection Ultra Tampons offer great protection on your extremely heavy days or if you have extremely heavy periods, helping you carry on with your day without worrying about leaks.

Product features:

  • Locks in leaks for extremely heavy flow periods
  • 100% free from fragrance & chlorine bleach
  • Smartfit expands all the way round for amazing comfort
  • Biodegradable wrappers
  • Super smooth for easy insertion
  • 100% plant based absorbent core & wrapper
  • Cruelty free

Lil-Lets UK Ltd has donated £16,000 to both The Menopause Charity (registered charity 191332) and Endometriosis UK (registered charity in England and Wales 1035810 and in Scotland SC0516151) to support their work.

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