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Lil-Lets Non-Applicator Lite Tampons

Our SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Lite tampons gently expand all the way round for great comfort, fit and protection against leaks.

They are very smooth and have a rounded tip, for easy and comfortable insertion. Being small and discreet, they don't take much space in your handbag or purse and are perfect for carrying while you're on the go! Our lite tampons are suitable for a light flow or for your lighter days.

Product features:

  • 100% free from fragrance and chlorine bleach
  • 100% plant based absorbent core
  • Smartfit™ tampons expand all the way round for amazing comfort
  • Super smooth for easy insertion
  • Absorbency coloured string (blue) for easy identification in your handbag or purse
  • Small and discreet to carry around
  • Only 0.15grams of plastic per tampon

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your plastic waste, Lil-Lets Smartfit™ Non-Applicator tampons are a great option; these applicator-free tampons contain up to 97% less plastic* than Lil-Lets applicator tampons.

*95 – 97% less plastic when comparing equivalent absorbency tampons from the Lil-Lets Non-Applicator to the Lil-Lets Compact plastic applicator ranges.

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