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Lil-Lets Freshlock Normal Pads

Lil-Lets Freshlock pads feel incredibly gentle and comfy on your skin, thanks to the 100% cotton top cover and the ultra-thin, breathable design.

Our pads are super absorbent, locking in fluid for that added security, leaving you feeling confident, protected and dry. The secure, stay- put wings offer peace of mind protection, ensuring your pad stays in place however much you move around. Our pads are also completely free of fragrances & perfumes, for those who like an unscented pad. Despite this, our Freshlock pads act as a natural deodoriser, controlling odour without the use of fragrance, leaving you feeling fresh throughout your day.

They are also individually folded & wrapped so you can keep them in your handbag when you're on the go! 

Product features:

  • Ultra-thin & breathable for your comfort
  • Freshlock natural deodoriser helping odour control
  • 100% cotton cover which is comfy and gentle against your skin
  • Stay put wings for security
  • Absorbent core which locks-in fluid for added protection against leaks
  • Fragrance free and no dyes or colourants

Lil-Lets Freshlock Normal Pads are suitable for a light to medium flow or your light to medium days. Also available in Long and Night absorbencies for a heavier flow or your heavier days, for around the clock protection.

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