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26 July 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"My daughter is 10 years old and much to my surprise she has begun to hit puberty. I didn't go through puberty until I was about 13 so I was surprised, well quite shocked really to notice as she got out of the shower she had already started developing pubic hair. No sign of boobs yet, the woman in the family are all small busted so no surprise there. So I am looking at getting this kit for her, she can keep it in her carry bag so tomorrow we will be popping to boots looking at getting this plus some of the other products which will to help her through the trials to come."


24 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"As a girl myself my first period wasn’t easy, when I asked my mum for supplies she got me these!! I love them and I don’t think I’ll ever change until I grow but I will ALWAYS use lil lets now."


16 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"hi i am just starting my 3rd period and i have found the Lil-Lets day pads amazing for mu use and i can wear these at night as well which is very handy. the packaging the product comes in is really good for disposing the pad"

3 of us!

16 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"Please make the sticky bit more sticky! Love the product but found it to be a bit less sticky recently, so can move out of place. Don’t want to have to look for a new brand as the size and absorbency are fabulous. "


11 July 2019

Teens Liners

"My DD will be Nine in August but I have just had to buy her some bras😰. Which has now got me thinking into how long before her Periods start😱😱. For now I think these liners will be fine to keep in the house for her and then the starter pack maybe in a few months time."


10 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"I think they are really helpful"


04 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"Hi. Please, please, please can you make this for a heavy flow. "

Lil -Lets

01 July 2019

Teens SmartFit™ Applicator Tampons Regular

"Plastic applicator tampons specifically designed for teens. Great fit, smart fit , great absorbency."


01 July 2019

Teens Day Pads

"They are such a good idea putting them in descrit packaging however I don't think it should have lil lets on the inner bag as you can get embarrassed and people will know what they are, if they fall out of the bag especially young girls, they can be cruel"

Wine please.

21 June 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"My DD 9 has breasts developing, pubic hair, bo etc...she knows about periods as I explained it all to her as soon as her first pube appeared 😰 I bought her this starter pack so we can both be prepared. I was 14 yrs old so I'm really surprised we are going through this much already but I 'm thinking better to start earlier and get it out of the way."


20 June 2019

Teens Liners

"I am 10 and I just bought these liners. They are super comfy and you can't really feel them. They keep your underwear from being wet with discharge or fresh blood. Easy to dispose of an are such a good fit. You do have to change them like every hour or whatever (that's just in my case) because they are liners after all. I got my period and I have heavy discharge so these are very good if you have spotting when you're on ur period/when u started or if u have discharge. You should start getting these when you have breast buds, pubic hair, hairs and if you have discharge or they are good for the first day/the last day of your period."


18 June 2019

Teens Day Pads

"These are so good.😁😀👏👏👏👏.I was the second person in my head to start and my friend was the first.I started in school👏well done to me.I went to tell the teacher and she asked my friend if I could use one of hers.😀.She was using Oil Lets that's all I've used since."


08 June 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"Really liked the whole kit idea thing but was very disaponted and confused to get the booklet all in french. Its ment to tell me about there products and how to use them but . . . I don't speck franch lol."


17 May 2019

Teens Day Pads

"I’m an adult however, I really like these pads for my light days. Very soft and comfortable. I have bought some for my daughter for when she gets her first period. Thank you. "


06 May 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"Brilliant bought for my 11 year she was so happy with the little bag to put in her school bag at that age kids are easily embarrassed and she has the little book to fill her in if she dont want to ask what's this what's that although I did take tampons out as dont think suitable but other then that I would totally recommend "


04 May 2019

Teens SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Tampons Regular

"I have just started my periods haven't tried your products yet but would love to try them and give my review on them, please can you send me some free samples . Thankyou"

hello 123

28 April 2019

Teens Liners

"i loved these liners iv not had my period yet but they really help to absorb discharge! "


22 April 2019

Teens Liners

"I work in a primary school. We tend to start seeing a number of girls in Y4 (8-9 years old) developing and with a few who've started their periods. As soon as they start my class I let just the girls know I keep these liners and pads in a draw and should they need one to just help themselves."


18 April 2019

Period Starter Packs: The Teen Range

"I bought this pack for my dd today. My daughters just turned 9 and I noticed a few months ago shes had a huge growth spurt. One thing that i noticed was that her her chest was developing. Shes also noticed it and said "mum im growing boobs"! She hides behind the door to get changed now too. Bit baffled at the rate her body is developing to be honest! "


13 February 2019

Teens Day Pads

"Loving the range as I am a very small 14 year old girl and they fit me great. I was just wondering if you could make pads for a very heavy flow, as I am unable to wear your pads thought my whole period. "