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This is NOT a single-use applicator

Ditch the disposables and switch to a reusable applicator.

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Slimline and smooth

The reusable applicator is designed with your comfort in mind, including a flexible, rounded tip for easy insertion.

Hygienic And Safe

Hygienic and simple

Made with medical and food grade BPA-free materials, it's easy to clean and comes with a handy lid for storage.

Familiar Features

Familiar features

If you know how to use a single-use applicator then you'll know how to (re)use our reusable applicator - it's that easy.

Make the sustainable switch

286 #ReasonsToReuse

Did you know?

The average applicator tampon user throws away 286 single-use applicators every single year*, ending up in landfill or swimming in our rivers and seas. That's 286 reasons to reuse.

Group 3563
*Based on the average person who has a regular period and uses applicator tampons as their period protection of choice.

Find out why others are making the swap to a reusable applicator

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Reason #1

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Reason #2

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Reason #3

Reusable Applicator FAQs

When you use your applicator throughout your period, you’ll need to give it a quick clean. Rinse off any menstrual fluid with warm water and wash with mild soap (intimate wash is ideal or even liquid soap, just make sure to rinse it off afterwards) giving it a gentle scrub if needed. Then give it a quick dry with toilet paper, ensuring you get most of the water off it and dry any water that’s gone inside it.

When you’ve finished your period, you’ll need to resterilise your reusable applicator in boiling water (as you did before your first use) and dry it thoroughly. You’ll also need to give the lid a quick wipe out with sanitiser. Then keep it stored in your organic cotton bag, in a cool, dry place, ready for your next period.

Our reusable applicator is made with medical and food grade materials and is BPA, latex and phthalate free. However, if you really want the nitty gritty, the tube and plunger are TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and the lid is HIPS (high impact polystyrene). In case you were wondering, TPE is used for some menstrual cups and HIPS is widely used for plastic toys, hard plastic objects like cups or plates.

Our reusable applicator comes with organic regular, super and super plus tampons, so you can try some different sizes and find what works for you. However, it’s been designed to fit any tampon from lite to super plus, so whether you have a light or heavy flow it’s got you covered!

Great question! You can buy our reusable applicator from us direct at or you can purchase it from Amazon.

Unlike single-use applicators, we created this reusable for the long run, so if you care for your reusable applicator in the right way, it should last at least 2 years. All the instructions on how to use, reuse and care for your applicator are included for you in the box.

*Available for an introductory price of £12.99 until 28/2/22. After this date the full RSP will be £17.99.

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