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Lil-Lets super absorbent maternity pads have been designed with mums in mind, providing comfort and great protection. These extra-long, contoured, maxi thick pads absorb in seconds, holding fluid deep in the core and feature wings for added security. They have a wider back for extra coverage, with a super soft cover which is kind on delicate skin. Our maternity pads are also fragrance free and gently cushioned, letting you get on with your day. A Lil-Lets maternity towel will keep you feeling fresh and comfortable all day, allowing you to focus on looking after your new arrival.

Our maternity pads are essential for your hospital bag. Each pad is individually folded and wrapped for discretion and easy disposal too.

Find out more about what to expect after giving birth, including some helpful tips on managing postpartum bleeding.

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New Mumma

10 July 2019

Maternity Pads with wings

"I’ve just become a new mumma and have found these pads to be the best absorbency and comfort wise for post- labour bleeding. I’ve had stitches also so the soft padding is really comforting. Would highly recommend "

Lucy Wall

14 March 2019

Maternity Pads with wings

"I'd call myself an experienced mum, I've just delievered baby no4 2 days ago. I have to say I am absolutely blown away with how comfortable, absorbent and fresh I feel with these maternity pads, I have no idea why I had never seen them before this pregnancy. They are 100% the best maternity pads I have ever used by a long stretch and highly reccomend them, in fact I won't be recommending anything other than these pads because they're the best. Thank you so much for making such a fantastic reliable product that takes the worry of leaks out of those first few weeks, honestly thank you! Xx"

Blue Moon

12 March 2019

Maternity Pads with wings

"These maternity pads are absolutely amazing. I struggle every month with my period due to an extremely heavy flow and I've never found a sanitary towel that offers the protection that these do. They are very large and due to that reduce the risk of leakage making me feel greatly more confident. After discovering these I will never look back and I am so happy that I've found something that works for me. "


27 July 2018

Maternity Pads with wings

"Great during the heavy days !!! "


24 March 2018

Maternity Pads

"My mother has definitely been struggling with her pregnancy but these have really helped her find her confidence! I know it sounds silly but these have really helped her! Thank you so much1!"