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Night Period Products For Teenagers

Lil-Lets teen night products for your flow are specially designed for your first period and the years that follow. Choose from a range of tampons and pads for teens as separate items or in one handy pack. The narrower and smaller fit makes the products comfortable, breathable and just as absorbent.


Lil-Lets Teens Starter Pack

Lil-Lets Teens Starter Pack

Lil-Lets Teens Night Pads with Wings

Lil-Lets Teens Night Pads with Wings

Comfortable period products specially designed for teenagers

Navigating puberty and your first period is a unique experience. The good news is that our teen pads and pantyliners offer a smaller and narrower fit for younger girls. You can enjoy comfort, absorbency, and convenience for different flows with our teens period starter pack. Even as a tween, you can embrace the first few years of your period with confidence!

Depending on your flow and preferences, you might need different period products at different times. 

We encourage you to try out different options and figure out which product works best for your flow and comfort levels. Typically, teenagers prefer using pads for their first period, but remember that tampons and other period products are still an option.

If you’re ready to try tampons, here are some comfortable Lil-Lets products that are the perfect addition to your beginner period kit:

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