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Sleepover Tips & Games

Whether you’ve been invited to a sleepover party or are hosting your own, we have put together some tips and games so you can turn yours into the ultimate event everyone remembers.

Sleepover Tip #1

Make your sleepover invitations unique by designing them yourself; find a theme and use glitter and stickers to make them stand out.

Sleepover Tip #2

Decorate your room with homemade banners, fairy lights and extra cushions or bean bags if you have them…and don’t forget to leave space on the floor for games.

Sleepover Tip #3

Why not ask your guests to bring one item of food, such as popcorn, fun bars or marshmallows. And if you are allowed, ask if you can order a pizza in. Even better… one of your party games could be making your own pizzas!

Sleepover Tip #4

Brothers and sisters can often feel left out so why not ask your parents or the person who cares for you if they can stay with a relative or adult. This will make the night special for them too!

Sleepover Tip #5

Remember that your room is not Dr Who’s Tardis, so limit the amount of people you invite… 5 is a good number. If you’re worried about leaving someone out, explain that you are only allowed a small number of attendees and that you will organise something in the summer months for everyone to attend in your garden for example.

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Sleepover Tip #6

If you’ve been invited to a sleepover and are worried about starting your period or being on your period, here are some tips.

  • If you feel uncomfortable using someone else’s rubbish bin, put a plastic bag or old PE kit in your overnight bag and simply wrap and place used pads or tampons in it. And don’t worry, people won’t notice if you take your overnight bag into the bathroom to get changed.
  • To avoid staining your bed clothes and bed linen, make sure you have some night time pads with you.
  • If your period has not yet arrived but you are anxious it may start when away from home, consider wearing a pantyliner during your stay.
  • You may even like to take our Lil-Lets Starter Kit with you. It contains everything you need for your period and because it looks like a cosmetic bag, no one will know what’s inside.


Sleepover Tip #7

It’s great to be organised but remember that sleepovers should be fun too. Don’t be upset if not everyone wants to take part in the games or you don’t have enough time to fit everything in.

Sleepover Tip #8

Sleepovers can easily get out of hand. So, why not put a poster on your bedroom door letting everyone know that it’s not a night for teasing or being unkind to people who are either there or who have not been invited. And, if you feel uncomfortable with any conversations or games on offer, tell someone; there really is nothing wrong with saying NO and most likely if you feel uncomfortable, someone else will too.

Sleepover Games

1. Take the blindfolded makeup challenge.
Get into pairs and choose one person to put a blindfold on (like a scarf or eye mask). That person then puts the makeup on their partner. Once they have finished, the other person takes their turn. Make sure you take pictures once you are all done and try and avoid mirrors until the challenge is complete. 

2. Recreate catwalk designs in the ‘Foil Fashion Game’
The aim of the game is to make the best outfit out of tinfoil (or aluminium foil). You can play it in groups or individually. You will need 2 or 3 rolls of tinfoil to play depending on group size. You could make dresses, skirts, accessories, you could even recreate some of the amazing Oscar dresses from this year’s event.

3. Take part in a sweet hunt
Make sure you ask your friends to bring torches with them. Before everyone arrives, hide packets of sweets around your garden (get someone in your family to help). When it gets darker, take everyone into your garden with their torches and go hunting for sweets!

4. Go colour crazy with the spin the nail polish game
Get you and your friends into a circle and then place lots of nail varnishes in the centre. The first girl will pick a nail varnish colour and spin the nail varnish on its side. Whoever the nail varnish lid is pointing to when it stops has to paint one of her fingernails with that colour. Then that person picks a colour and spins the bottle and so on. Keep going round the circle until everyone’s nails are painted in multi-colours!

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5. Find out more about each other with a question ball game
Before the sleepover, buy a large inflatable ball (like you’d get when on holiday). In permanent marker, write questions all over it. Get everyone into a circle and throw the ball to one of your friends. The person who catches the ball has to answer the question that their right thumb is touching. When they have answered the question, they throw the ball to another person. Questions you could ask could be: Who is your favourite pop star? What are you most scared of? Who is your secret crush? What is your favourite thing you own?

Top tip: Choosing a theme for your sleepover party can make a sleepover unique and a night to remember. You can pick a theme for dressing up (e.g. animal onesies), a food theme (like Italian or Mexican) or even have a theme for the entire evening.

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