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Period Talk: How To Talk To Your Child About Periods

Everything you need to know, from signs your teen is starting their period to the best products for their needs.

Your child's first period is a momentous event in their life, but it can also be a little confusing too. When it arrives, it’s important she feels prepared and aware of what’s happening to her. Here are some tips for discussing periods with your daughter.

Discuss the science behind menstrual cycles

Although it sounds like an obvious thing to say, it’s worth talking her through the basics of why we have periods, how the menstrual cycle works and the blood loss they will experience. We've got all the information you need here to help explain these things, including a video about the menstrual cycle. If your child wants to find out for themselves, direct them to the teen section of Lil-Lets Hub which includes advice on all aspects of her body and periods.

Being Period Prepped

Help your child feel prepared for her period

One of the biggest worries many girls have is starting their period when away from home or in school. Very often, wearing a pantyliner on a daily basis can build their confidence. It’s also a good idea to give them some menstrual pads to keep in their school bag just in case. 

Show your child period products

It's easy to forget that your child probably hasn’t seen what a pad looks like. Once you've bought a pack, show them a pad, how they should position it and how to dispose of it afterwards. This should give them the confidence to do it themselves next time. The same applies to tampons as they can be a little confusing.

Questions your child might ask about periods

Once your child starts to show signs of their first period, these questions might come up.

  • When will my periods start?
  • Do all girls start at the same age?
  • How much will I bleed?
  • Will anyone else know I’ve started my periods?
  • Do periods hurt?
  • How long should each period last?
  • How often will I have a period?
  • Which products should I use?
  • How do I use the products and how often should I change them?
  • Can I still exercise or swim when I’m on my period?

Can my child use tampons at their age?

There is no minimum age for using tampons or a medical reason why a child on their period should not use one. However, it is often best for them to understand their flow and monthly cycle before choosing to use this form of protection.

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