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How to use a Pad?

Whether it’s your first period, or you simply need a little help, getting your pad in the right place our step-by-step guide has all the tips you need.

How To Use Pads For The First Time

If you’re new to pads, don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it in no time. And once your pad is securely attached to your underwear, we know you’ll feel confident and protected throughout the day and as you sleep too.

Check out our step-by-step guide:

LL UK Pad Usage Steps 01

Step 1

Using the tab on the outer wrapper, gently open and fold the pad out flat.

LL UK Pad Usage Steps 02

Step 2

Peel the pad away from the wrapper and backing strip, the back of the pad should now feel sticky.

LL UK Pad Usage Steps 03

Step 3

It helps to line up the centre of the pad with the little pocket (gusset) in your underwear. For long or night pads, the wider section can be placed at the back of your underwear for extra leakage protection.

LL UK Pad Usage Steps 04

Step 4

Remove the centre tab and then fold the wings around and underneath your underwear, this will hold the pad firmly in place and keep it extra secure.


Removing Your Pad

When you’re ready, removing the pad is really easy, just pull back the wings and peel the pad away from your underwear. You can either wrap the used pad in the new pad wrapper or just grab some toilet tissue and wrap in that instead.

Make sure you dispose of your pad in either a special sanitary waste bin found in most public toilets, or with your normal household waste. 

Just don’t flush it down the toilet, as it can get stuck!

What Type Of Pads Are Available?

When it comes to using pads, we recommend trying different types of pads and period products to see what works for you. The most common difference is Ultra Pads which are thinner and Maxi Pads which are thicker. For those new to periods, our teens range of pads are ideal, as they are shorter and narrower than other brands.

What To Look Out For?

DROPLETS – small symbols on the outside of the pack are a quick and easy way to see how absorbent a pad is, the more droplets, the more absorbent they’ll be.

LENGTH – the longer the pad the more absorbent the pad is likely to be. Some pads have a wider section at one end that can be worn at the front or the back of your underwear depending on how you sleep.

THICKNESS – thicker pads are often called MAXI pads, they contain fluff (a bit like cotton wool) under their top layer to absorb fluid and are a thicker style of pad. Ultra pads are thinner, they contain a paper like sheet that contains special materials that turn to gel, holding fluid securely inside its core.

DESCRIPTIONS - the names Normal, Regular or Day are used for period pads that are best for light to medium flow. Long or Super pads are great for medium to heavy flow and are longer in length. Night pads – are worn when you're sleeping, or during the day for a very heavy flow. Sometimes long and night pads have a wider section at one end that can be worn at the front or the back of your underwear depending on how you sleep.

How Will I Know When To Change My Pad?

Although pads can be worn for up to 8 hours, we recommend changing them every 3 - 5 hours, or when you visit the toilet.

  • If you notice leaks in your underwear or clothes, or your pad is full after 2 hours or less, then you might want to try using a long or night pad for a heavier flow.
  • If you’re finding there's very little blood on the pad, then a day or normal pad is most suited for this type of flow..
  • When your flow becomes very light at the end of your period, try using a pantyliner for very light protection.

So, whether you’re new to pads, want a super soft pad, or a freshness locked in pad, even if you’re after a planet friendly pad, Lil-Lets has a pad just for you!

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