From September 2020 RSE will become mandatory in secondary schools in England, while primary schools will be required to teach relationships education.

In line with the new government guidelines, all young people should learn about menstruation and menstrual wellbeing as part of the curriculum. To help schools, and those working in classrooms, to deliver great relationships education and RSE lessons, we’ve teamed up with Brook to create an e-learning course covering:

  1. Body changes
  2. Reproduction & Periods
  3. Emotional and mental health
  4. Developing sexual feelings

We know that educating all genders about their bodies with high quality, reliable and accurate information helps them to navigate puberty with confidence and reduces harmful taboos. In addition to this, by educating young people and education professionals, we hope to put a stop to the stigma that is often a contributing factor to period poverty.

The free e-learning course can be accessed through Brook’s e-learning page. Register now to start your e-learning journey and make the most of these free school resources! You can also find out more about Brook, and the work we’re doing with them here.

If you’re looking for other resources to support your lessons, or have students asking for advice, check out our advice section and advice blogs which cover a range of topics relating to puberty, periods, friendships and emotions.

You can also purchase school samples to help support your lessons. These are suitable for years 5,6 & 7 and contain products from our Lil-Lets Teens range.