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Organic Non-Applicator Tampons For Medium To Heavy Flow

Our vegan-friendly non-applicator organic tampons for medium to heavy flow are made from certified organic cotton — no fragrances, dyes or bleach. Feel comfortable, confident and protected against leaks, whilst reducing your plastic use with our organic non-applicator tampons. It's a win-win!

  • Tampons
  • Non-Applicator
  • Medium - Heavy Flow


Lil-Lets Organic Super Non-Applicator Tampons

Lil-Lets Organic Super Non-Applicator Tampons

Lil-Lets Organic Super Plus Non-Applicator Tampons

Lil-Lets Organic Super Plus Non-Applicator Tampons

Frequently asked questions

What are organic tampons made of?

Lil-Lets organic tampons are made from 100% organic cotton certified to the GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard) and approved by the ICEA. 

These standards ensure that our organic tampons are GM-free and are grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers (or potentially toxic pesticides).

You might wonder why organic tampons are often a little more expensive than standard tampons, and it’s because of these special conditions required for growing organic cotton.

Do organic tampons contain plastic?

Lil-Lets organic tampons are 100% plastic free Our tampons used to be wrapped in cellophane, which is a wood pulp-based material. Although cellophane is a more sustainable alternative to plastic, we challenged ourselves to be better… That’s why we’re now wrapping our tampons in NatureFlex™ film.

So, what is NatureFlex™? It’s still a wood pulp-based material (with the wood pulp being sourced from responsibly-managed forests) but it’s fully biodegradable, to all the top compostability standards. That means you can pop it in your garden waste bin or home compost heap and it won't emit any nasties as it breaks down.

Do organic tampons contain any harmful chemicals?

Lil-Lets organic tampons are also made without the use of perfumes or dyes and have been tested for all harmful chemicals to the Oeko-Tex Standard.

Are organic tampons biodegradable?

Lil-Lets organic cotton tampons are made from 100% cotton, containing no plastic, and will eventually biodegrade.

Are organic tampons flushable?

It is really important not to flush any tampons down the toilet! They should be disposed of with normal household waste or in the sanitary bins in toilet cubicles.

If you flush a tampon (whether it’s made from cotton or viscose) it can’t easily break up in the sewer and can cause blockages. If it does make it to the sewage treatment works, it will be caught by the filters and will need to be removed. This waste will then either go off to landfill or be incinerated! The best advice is just to put in it the bin, where it can go straight to landfill or incineration and save your tampon from a detour via the sewer!

So, you are completely in the know, you can dispose of the cardboard carton with your household recycling. Whilst the polypropylene wrapper is recyclable, not all areas of the country collect this type of plastic.

Are organic tampons better for managing my period?

No matter which of our tampons you choose (Lil-Lets organic or our main range) you’re choosing a product that’s free from nasties and trusted by millions.

You may have heard that organic tampons are more absorbent than other tampons, but this is not the case. All brands, and types, of tampon must comply with safety guidelines.

This means, for example, that any mini absorbency tampon in SA will have the same 6 – 9 gram absorbency rating regardless of what brand it is, or what material it is made from.

Are organic tampons better for the environment?

Organic cotton fibres are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or potentially toxic pesticides that could harm wildlife and rivers, as well as the health of farmers. On top of this, organic farming practices ensure carbon dioxide is locked into the soil, helping to mitigate climate change.

Here at Lil-Lets, we are environmentally conscious. This is why we’ve also chosen to create a Lil-Lets organic tampon range, using 100% pure organic cotton and the viscose used in our main range of tampons comes from FSC certified sustainable forests within Europe.

We’ve been asked if we can wrap our tampons in paper instead of plastic. Whilst this may sound like a good solution to reducing single-use plastic, unfortunately using paper would allow moisture to get into the tampon. Rest assured, we are working on an environmentally friendly alternative.

Are organic tampons healthier or safer?

Lil-Lets organic cotton tampons have also been dermatologically tested to ensure they are kind to your body.

All Lil-Lets tampons, whatever they are made from, must comply with strict safety regulations. This means that whether a tampon is made from cotton or from viscose, they are equally safe. If you prefer to use 100% pure organic cotton tampons, please remember to read the safety and instruction leaflet enclosed with every pack. You may read some stories online that suggest that using organic cotton tampons lowers your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), but this is misleading.

Many studies have shown that the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome is no different when using an organic tampon, compared to using a tampon made from viscose. In fact, menstrual TSS has also been associated with the use of menstrual cups and any internally warn contraceptive devices. Remember that TSS is a very rare and serious illness that may be fatal so please visit www.tssis.com for more information.

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