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Lil-Lets give period plastic and shame the literal finger

Let's step into the 21st century and make tampons digital – non-applicator tampons are up to 96%* less plastic and shame-free, so they're better for the environment and empowering too

* 94- 96% less plastic when comparing equivalent absorbency tampons from the Lil-Lets non-applicator range to the leading brand compact plastic applicator ranges.


It's easy - we'll tell you how.

Get your hands on a FREE non-applicator trial kit and give period plastic and shame the
literal finger.

Ts&Cs apply.

WHAT'S IN THE trial kit

A Multi Pack containing non-applicator tampons in the following absorbencies:

- 2 Lite tampons
- 2 Regular tampons
- 2 Super tampons

DID YOU know?

The average woman, depending on the length and flow of her period, uses between 8 000 to 17 000 tampons in her lifetime.
That's billions of applicators that could end up in a landfill.

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