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Lil-Lets give period plastic and shame the literal finger


Get comfortable
with non-app tampons

Did You Know?

You can save up to 96% in plastic waste
by switching to non-app tampons

Plastic in period products compared




applicator tampons



*94 - 96% less plastic when comparing equivalent absorbency tampons from the Lil-Lets non-applicator
range to the leading brand compact plastic applicator ranges and Lil-Lets Super Soft Pads.

To date, by switching to non-app you've helped save:

**We sold more non-app tampons in 2022, assuming those people switched to using non-app
instead of a plastic applicator tampon,
that equates to saving 25 tonnes of plastic.

It's easy – we'll tell you how.

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We're here to simplify this process for you. Get to know your flow and find out which absorbencies to use, insertion and even removal of your tampon!

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non-app tampons?

We'll guide you through the process
of choosing your absorbencies, insertion
and even removal of your tampon!

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Getting to know your flow

You may have noticed that Lil-Lets products have brightly coloured packaging.
Each colour stands for a particular absorbency, and each absorbency is specially
designed to absorb a certain amount of fluid depending on your flow.

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Shop at Lil-Lets UK and we will
donate 1 period product for every
box of non-applicator tampons sold
between now and 31 July 2024.

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