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Your First Crush and Surviving A Holiday Romance

First crushes and holiday romances can be thrilling and nerve-wracking all at the same time! Here are some tips to help manage these new feelings and maintain healthy expectations.

First crushes and holiday romances can be thrilling and nerve-wracking all at the same time! Here are some tips to help manage these new feelings and maintain healthy expectations.

Having A Crush

The feeling of having a crush can bring a rush of excitement and butterflies in your stomach. It's a new and sometimes scary experience to feel attracted to someone for the first time. Here’s our top tips to get your crush to notice you!

  • Don't look away! It may give them the wrong impression and they may think you're not interested. Not everyone is a mind reader, so when you see your crush in the corridor or classroom, smile and say “Hi”.
  • Ignore your friends if they don't think your crush is cute. Don't be put off, it wouldn’t do for us all to be attracted to the same person, and good friends will support your choice no matter what.
  • Worried about a one-on-one first date - why not invite a group of friends to go somewhere? This takes the pressure off it being a date and gives you a chance to get to know each other better while having fun with your friends too.
  • If you find they don’t feel the same way about you, don’t worry! Everyone is attracted to others for different reasons, and it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, it just means you're not suited.
  • Remember that no crush is worth losing a friend over, so if you find yourself attracted to your friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend, think again!

How To Survive A Holiday Romance

“I’ve met someone on holiday and I am in love, I can’t bear the thought of going home and never seeing them again…Aargh!”

If this sounds familiar then you’re not alone, many of us will get swept away with a holiday romance this year, but with a little careful planning you can have a great time without the tears. Holidays are all about relaxing and experiencing new adventures, so don’t let a holiday romance get in the way of doing all the fun things you had planned.

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  • Don’t spend every minute of your holiday hanging out with that special someone; have some breathing space with your family or friends.
  • Set Boundaries It can be easy to get carried away in the moment and you should make it clear to someone what you are comfortable with… and a stolen kiss, cuddle or holding each other’s hand is more than enough to set your heart a flutter. If someone pressures you to do more, say NO, and don’t be fooled by the line “Oh but we will never see each other again!”
  • Be realistic It’s highly unlikely that your crush will be local to where you live, so don’t be  too disheartened if they promise to call, text or come and visit and then don’t. Instead end your last day together on a positive note, letting them know how much fun it’s been sharing the summer with them and wish them all the best for the future and when they go back to school.
  • Making memories is fabulous and it’s great to take photos of you and your crush and to even buy each other small love tokens. But don’t go home and spend time looking over these items time and time again, it will only make you sad. Instead, pop them away in a drawer or box and think of them as a great, but one in a lifetime meeting that was great fun but has now passed.
  • Don’t be a love struck bore! Remember as much as your friend’s love you, incessantly chatting about someone they have never met will eventually become boring and could come between you. So share your pictures just once and keep any references to who you met and what you did to the first couple of days.

By following these tips, you can navigate first crushes and holiday romances with confidence and maturity, making the most of the experience while staying grounded and mindful.


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