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Tips For Managing Your Period On Holiday

Just because it’s your time of the month, doesn’t mean you have to cancel all the fun things you love doing when on your holidays.

Being prepared

If you’ve been looking forward to your holiday all year and are now worried your period is going on holiday with you too! Or if you think your first period may arrive when you're away, we have some suggestions to make sure it’s not as big a deal as you think it might be.

If you plan to be in the pool or ocean, pads just won’t do…and it may be time to consider trying tampons.  They’re perfect for when you want to swim and will give you the confidence to carry on with all your holiday activities whilst away. so you’ve got no excuses to sit out!

Using tampons for the first time on holiday.

If you haven’t tried using tampons before, try using them a few months before you go away. Our Lil-Lets Lite absorbency is a great ‘first’ tampon to use and makes them ideal for first time users. Once you’ve mastered the skill, they’re ideal to wear on holiday as they allow you to carry on with swimming and water sports, or if you want the discretion of a tampon when wearing swimwear.

What if I don't want to use tampons on holiday?

If you’re still not up for giving tampons a try, you may want to consider menstrual cups, or period swimwear. But if pads are you product of choice, don’t worry there are ways you can get around wearing pads on holiday. Treat yourself to a few pairs of shorts to wear with your bikini and no one will be any the wiser. Chances are your period won’t be with you for your entire trip, so for period days you could do a bit of sightseeing or maybe try some activities away from the pool.

I'm already on holiday, what do I do?

If you’re reading this on holiday and you haven’t brought anything with you, head to the nearest supermarket or chemist where you’ll find a selection of products that you’ll need. The names of the products may be different but they'll have pictures on the front to tell you what’s inside.

Packing for your holiday?

  1. If this is a school trip, your teacher will most likely have a list of things that you must or must not bring with you so be sure to keep this list handy when packing your case.
  2. Choose the correct clothing for the trip. For example, if you know you’ re going to be in the water, include more than one swimsuit, goggles, an extra towel…and a warm waterproof jacket or jumper to keep you warm for when you get out of the water.
  3. Remember to mix and match – there probably won’t be room for all your favourite clothes so be clever with your choice. A couple of pairs of jeans should be enough with several different tops or jumpers to update your look from day to day. If there is going to be an end of trip party, select just one outfit that you know won’t crease easily but will still look fabulous.
  4. If you are wearing sturdy boots when outdoors, remember to pack some pumps or trainers for when in your room or out and about in the town.
  5. If you feel your period may arrive whilst you are away, then pack enough supplies for your entire period, usually one pack of day and night pads, some liners, or two different absorbencies of tampons will be more than enough.
  6. Remember too that whether you are going to be in the sun or the snow, sunblock is vital to avoid sunburn, which can spoil any holiday.
  7. Ask your parents to purchase some small plastic bottles that you can decant your toiletries into, this will reduce the amount of space bulky shampoos, shower gels or deodorants take up. Some chemists and supermarkets even have a holiday aisle with smaller products available.
  8. Lots of people get homesick so consider taking a photo of your family, or even a cuddly toy to sleep with if it makes you feel better; you can always tell everyone it’s your lucky mascot.
  9. To give you more space in your case or back pack, wear your bulkiest items on the journey, even if this means wrapping a favourite jumper, sweatshirt or cardigan around your waist.
  10. Take a small notepad and pen so you can jot down any telephone numbers or e-mail address of new friends.
  11. If you are travelling by plane or coach, consider a smaller back pack or bag to keep with you once your case has been secured safely away and keep the items in here to a bare minimum, after all you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy bag on your trip.

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