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Tampons do's and don'ts

Tampons aren’t for everyone, and you may have heard some grizzly stories from friends or in the school toilets. But the truth is that tampons have been used for over 60 years by women all over the world who enjoy the freedom they offer.


  • Do use tampons when you want to be in the water or active.
  • Do read the leaflet inside every pack of tampons before trying them.
  • Do insert the tampon high enough inside your vagina so you can no longer feel it.
  • Do watch our insertion video for more information on the best way to insert a tampon.
  • Do keep your tampons in a clean and damp free place.
  • Do change your tampons absorbency as your flow gets heavier or lighter.
  • Do switch from pads to tampons from time to time.
  • Do stand with your knees slightly bent for the best possible position for insertion.
  • Do persevere, just like anything new using a tampon can take a little practice.
  • Do remove your tampon when in the bath or shower.


  • Don’t borrow someone else’s tampon, it may not be the right absorbency for you.
  • Don’t be pressured into trying tampons by your friends or at a sleepover.
  • Don’t think you have to be over 16 to use a tampon.
  • Don’t worry about losing a tampon inside you…this is not medically possible.
  • Don’t think all tampons are the same. Lil-Lets Tampons expand widthways, unlike some that expand mainly lengthways.
  • Don’t be put off using non-applicator tampons, they’re less fiddly to use and no applicator to dispose of afterwards. They are also more discreet in your bag or pocket too.
  • Don’t use a tampon if you’re not on your period.
  • Don’t flush your used tampon down the loo! Instead roll-up in tissue and dispose of with household rubbish.
  • Don’t worry about removing your tampon when visiting the loo, simply move the cord to the side.
  • Don’t put two tampons in at the same time, if your flow is heavy, switch-up to a higher absorbency. 

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