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How To Use A Menstrual Cup?

Whether you’re new to menstrual cups or are simply looking for some tips for the most comfortable fit, we’ve got you covered!

We get it…you want to be more eco-friendly and do your bit for the planet, and if, like us, you really like the idea of a reusable menstrual cup, but need some help getting it into position, you’ve come to the right place.

Lil-Lets menstrual cups come in 2 sizes; Size 1, for beginners and those under 30yrs old, and Size 2 for the over 30’s, or if you’ve given birth. Just like tampons they can be worn for between 4-8 hours, they’re made from super-soft flexible medical grade silicone, free from latex, BPA, and phthalates. And because we know life is busy it even comes with its own certified cotton organic bag for convenience and storage.

Like anything new using a Lil-Lets menstrual cup can take a little getting used to, but trust us with our tips you’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about.

So let’s get started – familiarise yourself with all of the menstrual cup features and before you use, we recommend you sterilise your cup as per our instructions below.


  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Wash the cup with warm water and mild soap, and then rinse thoroughly.
  3. Immerse the cup fully in a pan of boiling water and boil it for 5 -7 minutes.
  4. Allow the cup to cool in the pan and then remove it. Your cup is now ready for use.

TOP TIP - Before using your menstrual cup, check that the 4 holes under the rim of the cup are well pierced.


We can’t say this enough…we’re all unique and when it comes to folding your menstrual cup ready for insertion it really is a case of finding what works for you.  Here we list three of the most popular folds, but we know with practice and over time you will find the best technique that suits you.

The C-Fold

The clues in the title – this one makes your cup look like the letter ‘C’.

  • Pinch your cup in the middle so it flattens.
  • Now pinch the outsides together to make the ‘C’ shape.

The Punch-Down Fold

Requires a bit more thought than the ‘C’ Fold, but just as popular.

  • Holding the cup in one hand, use your index finger to push the rim of the cup to the very base.
  • Keeping that finger on the base, pinch the sides together to make a narrow opening at the top of the cup.

The Triangle/7Fold

Don’t panic this one sound way more complicated than it, trust us, you won’t have to fold the cup 7 times, we promise!

  • Using both hands, pinch and flatten the cup.
  • Take one corner and fold it to the base of the cup, making a triangle.
  • Or, if it’s easier, take that one corner and fold it halfway to the base, making a ‘7’ shape.

TOP TIP - This is our favourite technique for beginners as the triangle shape creates a smaller tip, making it easy to insert.

Check out our video for these and more folding techniques


Now you’ve tried practicing the different folds it’s time to insert your menstrual cup. So, wash your hands and get into a comfortable position, maybe sitting on the toilet or standing with knees bent. Now relax, if you’re trying a cup for the first time, it’s a good idea to use it on your heavier flow days as this will help with insertion.

  1. Position the top/tip of the cup at the opening of the vagina.
  2. When inserting remember to aim towards the lower part of your back and not straight up.
  3. Maintaining the folded position, slowly insert the cup.
  4. Continue to hold the cup until it’s fully inside the vagina and remember that cups don’t need to be inserted as high as a tampon would.
  5. Now release your hand, and don’t worry if you hear a ‘pop’ as the cup opens, this is simply the cup forming a seal with the walls of the vagina.
  6. Now check the cup is in the right place, if it hasn’t fully opened, you can either pinch the base to release the fold or remove and try again.

TOP TIP – Still not sure if your cup is fully open, run your finger around the base of the cup, and if you feel any unopened sections, gently press right next to it until it pops.



Your menstrual cup should be emptied, cleaned, and reinserted every 4-8 hours.

Remove 1

Step 1

Wash your hands and get into a comfortable position.

Remove 2

Step 2

To release the seal, pinch the base of the cup to release the suction and give the cup a little ‘wiggle’ as you slowly lower the cup down.

Remove 3

Step 3

When you get near the opening of the vagina, carefully tilt the cup, and remove one side of the rim first and then repeat and tilt the cup gently in the other direction. This is best method we’ve found for keeping all the menstrual fluid in the cup.

Remove 4

Step 4

Now wash your cup with cold water and mild soap, ensuring the suction holes are clear, then you’re good to go, and can reinsert.

TOP TIP – If you’re struggling to reach the base of your cup, give the flexible stem a gentle pull, whilst pushing down with your vaginal muscles until you can easily pinch the base of the cup.


Size 1 – No vaginal birth or under 30 years old.

Size 2 – Vaginal birth or over 30 years old.

At the end of your period, you’ll need to resterilise your cup, just like you did in the beginning, dry it thoroughly and then pop in your cotton storage bag, in a cool and damp free place until your next period.  You see not so difficult after all!


  • Once you’ve used your cup a few times, you may want to adjust the length of the stem for a more comfortable fit. The Lil-Lets menstrual cup has a particularly long stem, which is ideal for those with a high cervix, however if you find the stem sits outside of your vagina when in use and feels uncomfortable it may need a little trim. Always trim the cup when not in use, using clean scissors and take off a little at a time, you can always trim it more if it needs it another time.
  • We know us girls love to share with friends, but please don’t be tempted to share your cup with anyone else, even if it’s your bestie.
  • Remember that your menstrual cup is not a form of contraception, it will not prevent pregnancies, nor will it prevent STI’s either.
  • As with anything you put in the vagina, in rare circumstances it can cause irritation to the urethra, so if you are in pain or having difficulty in urinating, pop along to your doctor for a chat.
  • Inside every menstrual cup box you will find full instructions for taking care of your cup and if you follow these guidelines your cup will last for many years, but do check it regularly for any damage, or wear and tear, and don’t worry a bit of staining may look unsightly but it’s perfectly normal.
  • If your cup becomes sticky or splits, we do advice throwing it away and replacing. Wrapping it up and popping in your normal household waste is the best method for disposal.

Try Lil-Lets Menstrual Cups

Lil-Lets Menstrual Cup Size 1

Lil-Lets Menstrual Cup Size 2


I’m new to menstrual cups and I’m struggling to insert it, any tips?

You may find wetting your cup with a little bit of water helps lubricate it, making insertion that little bit easier. But don’t be tempted to use petroleum jelly or other lubricants as they can reduce the longevity of your cup.

If you have an IUD, can you still use a cup?

Yes, you can still use a menstrual cup, if you have an IUD fitted, although the use of tampons and cups is prohibited for the first 28 days following placement of an IUD. Remember too, that just like tampon, menstrual cups sit in the vagina, whereas IUDs are positioned inside the uterus. Our advice is to have a chat to your doctor or gynaecologist if you have any concerns about using a menstrual cup with this form of contraception.

Can I use a menstrual cup if I have never had sexual intercourse?

Yes, and for those new to internal period protection we advise using the Lil-Lets Size 1 Menstrual Cup.

Do you have to use a pad or liner as well as a menstrual cup?

If you’re new to menstrual cups…and until you get the hang of using your cup, you may want to pop a liner in your underwear for back-up. But, we’re sure after a few uses, you will feel confident to go pad and liner free!

I can feel the cup inside, me what am I doing wrong?

Like anything new, using a menstrual cup can take practice and we’re convinced that by your 3rd or 4th period you’ll be an expert at getting your cup into the most comfortable position. If this is still an issue, we suggest pushing the cup in a little farther so the only part sitting outside the vagina is the flexible stem. And remember aiming the cup in a slanting position towards the lower back is the best technique for insertion.

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