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What are maternity pads & when should I use them?

You’ve read about post-partum bleeding, now here’s how to prepare for it.

Usually, maternity pads are used after giving birth to manage bleeding, but some women also use them during labour, when travelling to hospital, or to stop any leaking once their waters have broken. If your waters break before labour starts, call the hospital and use a maternity pad so the nurses can check the colour of your waters.

How many maternity pads do I need?

Probably more often than you think. Aim to purchase three to four packs of 10 maternity pads before your baby is born. You need at least two packs in your hospital bag, as you’ll bleed the most straight after your baby is born and you may need to change your pad every hour or two. This will reduce to every three to four hours over the next few days, and will continue to reduce as the weeks go by, so you’ll need to keep some in stock at home too!

Do I throw maternity pads in the bin?

It’s best to throw them away in a sanitary bin or with household waste. The great news is that Lil-Lets maternity maxi pads are individually wrapped so you can put your used pad into the wrapper of your new pad and throw it away. You could use a nappy sack, sanitary bag, or wrap in some toilet tissue. Just don’t try flush it.

When do I stop using maternity pads?

It’s up to you! For the first few days and weeks, when the bleeding is at its heaviest, it’s probably easiest to use maternity maxi pads as they are specially designed to absorb very heavy bleeding. As your flow becomes lighter, you may want to move to using a Lil-Lets maternity ultra pad as you get back to normal — your choice.

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