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Lil-Lets Supports In Kind Direct's Mission On Improving Access To Essentials

A staggering 8.4m adults were expected to go without a hygiene product over the 2022 winter period due lack of affordability*. Further to this, 1 in 10 girls can’t afford to buy menstrual products according to a representative survey of young women aged 14-21 in the UK**. In Kind Direct are a UK charity who believe everyone deserves access to life’s essentials and that no usable product should go to waste, including period products. They help on average over 345,000 people a week, of which 42% are estimated to be school-aged children! Lil-Lets are wanting to support In Kind Directs mission to improve hygiene equality across the UK. Keep reading to find out how we’re doing so…
*Human Right to Hygiene Report Oct 2022 (In Kind Direct)
**Plan International UK - https://plan-uk.org/media-centre/plan-international-uks-research-on-period-poverty-and-stigma

We know that supplying period products alone isn’t the solution to end hygiene poverty or hardship, but we strongly believe that getting the right product into peoples hands at the right time can allow people to get back on their feet. Lil-Lets are firm supporters of achieving period equality, which means regardless of people’s circumstances, everyone should have access to period products. We have continued to support charitable organisations with product donations in and around Birmingham for many years, however in 2021 we wanted to go that one step further.

To ensure our period products are reaching people who need them the most, we have recently partnered with In Kind Direct. In Kind Direct receive product donations of all kinds, distributing to their network of charitable organisations across the UK. Working with this amazing charity enables us to reach not just one, but thousands of charitable organisations. In Kind Direct also work with community groups, food banks and schools who support a wide range of issues, from hygiene poverty to mental health issues, supporting nearly 249.000 people every week and enabling communities to thrive. Lil-Lets is thrilled to be able to support In Kind Direct with their vision of ensuring everyone has access to life’s essentials.

Our partnership with In Kind Direct kickstarted with a product donation of over 4,000 packs which contained a mix of Lil-Lets non applicator tampons, soft pads & maternity pads, supporting over 73 charitable organisations. Since then, we have continuously donated large amounts of period products every few months, and have so far donated over 17,500 packs of period products to our charity partner, reaching nearly 300 differing charities across the UK. It's so nice to see our support is already helping charities and people who are having to make tough choices right now.

“The products are in our food bank and will be distributed to local people who need them. Speaking to the ladies who operate the food bank, they tell me that there is a big issue with " period poverty" and these will go a small way to helping people who are seriously struggling at this moment in time and have to make choices between food and sanitary products.”
Brodsworth Miners Welfare Scheme

Lil-Lets purpose is to make a real difference to the lives of people with periods through education, innovation, and care. We believe now more than ever that brands have a social and environmental responsibility and in order to live our values, we want to do better, now and in the future. We will continue to grow our partnership to ensure we tackle the issue of hygiene & period poverty across the UK in the best possible way. This is only the beginning of the work we plan to do with In Kind Direct, with not only product donations but volunteering at In Kind Directs warehouses and on the ground! Our team have just spent the day at In Kind Directs warehouses, helping pack over 10,500 essential products for delivery to key charities. It was certainly a busy but rewarding team day out. Do keep an eye out across our socials and on our website on how our partnership evolves!

Additionally, Lil-Lets community giving initiatives will continue, including donating period and maternity products to schools, charities and hospitals in the Midlands. These initiatives include donating to the likes of Baby Basics, Baby Aid, Birmingham Airport (for Afghan refugees), Birmingham and Liverpool hospitals - plus food banks across the UK. If you’d like to nominate a charity for us to work with, please contact consumerrelations@lil-lets.com.

How can you further support In Kind Direct?

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