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Everything you need to know about menopause

Menopause is a confusing time for those of us approaching that stage. Read our information and advice to ease your concerns.

Starting & Managing Menopause

Let’s get one thing straight, whatever you’re feeling and however much or little menopause research you’ve done to date, you are most certainly not alone.

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The 7 Things You Need to Know

It’s more than just hot flushes. 

Read this if you want to find out more about symptoms and things you might experience 

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How to cope post-menopause

Reaching post-menopause should be a liberating experience, no more having to think about periods or even contraception. And even though you might still feel a little low, we hope you’re over the worst of those perimenopausal symptoms – what a nightmare that was!

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Frequently Asked Question: Menopause

What should I use for really heavy periods?

Everyone is unique so here at Lil-Lets we have 6 absorbencies to cover every flow, even if you're really heavy. We'd recommend trying our Super Plus Extra or Ultra Non-Applicator tampons - lots of menopausal women say they're a life saver!

When will I start the menopause?

Just like starting your period, there's no definitive way of knowing when you'll start the menopause. Women are usually in their late 40's or early 50's when the transition starts but this could depend on genetics etc.

How do I prevent hot flushes?

Although there’s no magic formula for hot flushes, we do know that stress can be a trigger. It may also be an idea to cut down on your consumption of caffeine and alcohol, since they can make hot flushes worse.

Have more questions on menopause?

Got a question you’ve been too embarrassed to ask? Wondering if what you are experiencing in menopause is normal?

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