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Period Tips & Advice

It’s time to learn more about periods and your body. From menstrual cramps to heavy bleeding, we’ve got you covered with plenty of practical period advice. Take control of your menstrual health with confidence!

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What Is Toxic Shock Syndrome

Learn more about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from tampon use. What is this syndrome and is it common? Let’s find out.

Intimate Hygiene

Discover effective and practical intimate hygiene tips for a healthy and confident you! From daily routines to product recommendations, we've got you covered.

Heavy Periods And How To Deal With It

Find out how to manage heavy periods that might leave you with feelings of discomfort. Whether you get them at home or work, we have tips and advice.

Common Period Myths In South Africa

Ready to bust some myths about periods? Self-proclaimed Minister of Menstruation, Candice Chirwa, is here to help.

Understanding Irregular Periods

If you find yourself wondering "what does irregular period mean?", then visit Lil-Lets' website for more information on all things menstrual cycle!

Are Periods Painful?

It helps to know how to evaluate period pain, especially if you often experience bloating and cramping. Here’s some key info on period pain symptoms and relief.

What is incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control – and it’s totally normal. Learn more about the condition and how to manage it in this article.

My First Period

We know you have lots of questions about your first period. Join us as we share some tips and advice for managing your first period with confidence.

Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle Lets Talk With Dr Que

Your hosts, Bokang Lehlokoe and Megan Ross, chat to Lil-Lets Talk Responder and Specialist Paediatrician, Dr Nonkqubela Mkizwana, AKA Dr Que, about irregular periods, tracking your fertility and how to know when to see a doctor.

Painful Periods Lets Talk With Dineo Ranaka

Period pain is often dismissed as something we must simply ‘deal with’. But where should we draw the line? In this episode Dineo Ranaka and guests talk heavy periods, endometriosis, PCOS and more.

Cervical Cancer Lets Talk With Dineo Ranaka

In SA, black women are six times more likely to die of cervical cancer than white women. Dineo Ranaka unpacks the taboos around HPV, pap smears and more, with expert guests and a cervical cancer survivor.

Lil-Lets Talk Is Live

Empowering conversations for all of life's periods. Ready to join us? Simply go to www.lil-letstalk.co.za, sign up to become a member for free, engage in the conversation, and, most importantly, ask the questions you’ve always been too shy to ask. #LilLetsTalk

Handling Periods At Night

Whether you’re tossing and turning or lying in the foetal position, chances are your sleep is affected when on your period. Here’s some advice.

Asking A Gynaecologist Questions Youre Too Afraid To Ask

Now you can ask Dr. Gynae anything on Lil-Lets Talk, like if its necessary to get a pap smear and if tampons can "break" your virginity. 

Periods Across Generations Lets Talk With Dineo Ranaka

Watch the first episode of our series with Dineo Ranaka discussing periods across generations with her family.

Period Products And Choice Lets Talk With Lucy Pearl Khofi

Your hosts, Bokang Lehlokoe and Megan Ross, talk about period product preferences with activist, medical anthropologist and Lil-Lets Talk Responder, Lucy Pearl Khofi.

Vaginal Discharge Lets Talk With Ntsoaki Kotela

Your hosts, Bokang Lehlokoe and Megan Ross, speak to Ntsoaki Kotela about vaginal discharge! What can it tell us about our bodies, and what do all those colours mean?

Vaginal Discharge And How To Deal With It

There’s a lot to know about how to deal with discharge. From what vaginal discharge is to different colour discharge and how to treat it, we’ve got all the answers.

Mental Health Lets Talk With Dr Mpume Zenda

Your hosts, Bokang Lehlokoe and Megan Ross, speak to OB-Gynae-Sexologist, Dr Mpume Zenda about the realities of PMS, postpartum depression and living with mental health conditions.

Be You Period

There’s no such thing as one ‘right’ way to deal with your period. There’s only what works for you and your unique body. Find out more about our #BeYouPeriod campaign.

Endometriosis Explained

Endometriosis is a disorder where tissue that is similar to the kind that lines your uterus grows outside of your uterus. Learn more with us here!

PMS PMDD And Period Mood Swings

All PMS jokes aside, mood swings shouldn’t be ruling your life. Read all about PMS, PMDD and period mood swings and learn how to deal with it all.

Menstrual Cycle Phases

Find out more about the four menstrual cycle phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal. Every cycle is unique, but it helps to know these phases.

A Guys Guide To Periods

We’re here to help guys understand and navigate periods. Help the menstruators in your life feel comfortable, no matter the time of the month.

Signs Your Daughter Is About To Start Her Period

As puberty starts to take hold, menstrual cycle hormones kick in, and changes start. For signs of her first period, click here for more information.

History Of Tampons Who Invented Tampons

Have you ever wondered who invented tampons? Discover the unique history of tampons and how they shape period care for women and people around the world.

Can You Flush A Tampon

Many of us have considered flushing a tampon before, but you have to think of the consequences too. Find out if you can flush a tampon and how to dispose of one.

Bladder Leaks And Understanding Bladder Weakness

Bladder weakness is a common experience, especially for pregnant people. Find out how to manage bladder leaks, AKA incontinence, and take back control.