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Here at Lil-Lets, our purpose is to make a real difference to the lives of women through education, innovative product development, and empowerment for every stage of life.

You asked, we donated

Lil-Lets Talk has always been about building a community. Part of that includes making a real difference to those in need, particularly during their periods. Our Ask One, We Donate One drive has us matching every question and answer posted on the Lil-Lets Talk platform with a donation of a pack of Lil-Lets Maxi pads.

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Ark of Hope Southern Africa

Ark of Hope Southern Africa is a non-profit organisation focused on advancing women’s health, especially reproductive health, and advocating for the rights of young women and girls in rural areas. Among the Mpumalanga-based charity’s goals is ensuring that young menstruators have access to period products  to stay in school during their periods. Ark of Hope currently supports 1500 girls and women.

Founder Mbali "Pretty" Arojojoye says: “We work with girls in rural areas and farms and the struggle of sanitary pads is real. It is with the help of others, like Lil-Lets, that we don't give up and keep on helping young women and adolescent girls stay in school during their periods.”

Arojojoye wanted to send a special thanks to the Lil-Lets Talk members. “We believe that your generosity will leave our beneficiaries with boosted self-confidence during their periods, and that makes them feel more empowered.”

BrightSpark Foundation SA

The second chosen charity for this round of donations is BrightSpark Foundation SA.

With branches in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, BrightSpark is a safe space that aims to keep young people off the streets, and give them opportunities to express their talent through acting, photography and choreography. Their programme teaches coping skills for challenges young people face daily, like bullying, self image, body shaming and abuse. BrightSpark director, Welcome Witbooi, says pads are a massive need for the foundation.

“There are days when our girls step into this space crying because they can't afford sanitary towels, many of them resort to using toilet paper or pieces of clothing to prevent leakage.”

Witbooi adds the donation will “restore the dignity of our girls.”

We’ve been supporting women for over 60 years and that’s not just by providing them with a great choice of products to use during their period - Lil-Lets has always been passionate about making a difference to communities and those in need too.

Nominate an organisation to become a Lil-Lets Talk beneficiary

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Open conversations open minds - and can make a real difference. So join us in keeping the conversation going on Lil-Lets Talk and we’ll keep driving donations of Maxi Pads to menstruators in need.

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Making a difference to those in need

At Lil-Lets, it’s important for us that we support women throughout their time of month or time of life — regardless of challenges they face.

Whether it be through product donations or our bathroom project, we are constantly finding ways to improve the lives of those in period poverty. 

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