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Making a difference

Here at Lil-Lets, our purpose is to make a real difference to the lives of women through education, innovative product development, and empowerment for every stage of life.

We’ve been supporting women for over 60 years and that’s not just by providing them with a great choice of products to use during their period - Lil-Lets has always been passionate about making a difference to communities and those in need too.

Making a difference to those in need

At Lil-Lets, it’s important for us that we support women throughout their time of month or time of life — regardless of challenges they face.

Whether it be through product donations or our bathroom project, we are constantly finding ways to improve the lives of those in period poverty. 

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Pinetown Girls High Mural
Touch N Feel Board

Making a difference to our community

At Lil-Lets, we are passionate about women's education and supporting the women in our communities by helping them navigate womanhood, whatever challenges they face. Education on womanhood, periods, and body confidence is something we strive to instil throughout our community, as well as empowering generations to come. 

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