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Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle Lets Talk With Dr Que

Your hosts, Bokang Lehlokoe and Megan Ross, chat to Lil-Lets Talk Responder and Specialist Paediatrician, Dr Nonkqubela Mkizwana, AKA Dr Que, about irregular periods, tracking your fertility and how to know when to see a doctor.

Be You Period

There’s no such thing as one ‘right’ way to deal with your period. There’s only what works for you and your unique body. Find out more about our #BeYouPeriod campaign.

Painful Periods Lets Talk With Dineo Ranaka

Period pain is often dismissed as something we must simply ‘deal with’. But where should we draw the line? In this episode Dineo Ranaka and guests talk heavy periods, endometriosis, PCOS and more.

Cervical Cancer Lets Talk With Dineo Ranaka

In SA, black women are six times more likely to die of cervical cancer than white women. Dineo Ranaka unpacks the taboos around HPV, pap smears and more, with expert guests and a cervical cancer survivor.

Lil-Lets Talk Is Live

Empowering conversations for all of life's periods. Ready to join us? Simply go to, sign up to become a member for free, engage in the conversation, and, most importantly, ask the questions you’ve always been too shy to ask. #LilLetsTalk

Common Period Myths In South Africa

Let's debunk common period myths debunked with expert insights from self-proclaimed Minister of Menstruation: Candice Chirwa.

Bokang Lehlokoe Lets Talk With Guys About Periods

How much do our dads, brothers, husbands, partners and friends really know about menstruation?

Handling Periods At Night

We answer your questions about periods at night, discuss how to beat nighttime leaks and share top conversations from the Lil-Lets Talk community.

Asking A Gynaecologist Questions Youre Too Afraid To Ask

Now you can ask Dr. Gynae anything on Lil-Lets Talk, like if its necessary to get a pap smear and if tampons can "break" your virginity.