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What is the menstrual cycle?

Whether your period is like clockwork or a little irregular, how heavy and how often you bleed is unique to your body. We have the advice you need to help you along the way.

Lil-Lets Talk: Ask Dr. Gynae

Now you can ask Dr. Gynae anything on Lil-Lets Talk, like if its necessary to get a pap smear and if tampons can "break" your virginity. 

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Handling Periods at Night: Your Guide to Good, No-Leak Sleep

From sleep positions to period pain at night - we have the answers to all your questions

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Understanding Irregular Periods

If you find yourself wondering "what does irregular period mean?", then read this to understand it a little better

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A Guy’s Guide to Periods

Common questions guys have about periods, answered.

From why tampons come in different sizes to what period pains really feel like – here’s everything guys should know.

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Mood Swings: What’s Normal and When You Should Get Help

All PMS jokes aside, mood swings shouldn’t be ruling your life. 

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Everything you need to know about discharge

Discharge, light periods and little leaks — when to use pantyliners

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Ovulation & Fertility

You Should Read This if You’re Looking to Conceive and if you’re not looking to conceive, too

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Intimate Hygiene

5 of Your Most Urgent Intimate Hygiene-Related

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7 Ways to Handle Period Pain

Period pain sucks, period. Nobody wants it, and yet a ton of us are reduced to grumbling messes 12 or so times a year. If you’re one of the lucky few whose periods pass them by without so much as a flutter, we envy you.

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Here's the T on Heavy Periods

Here’s what you should know about heavy bleeding during periods.

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Endometriosis, Explained

Endometriosis symptoms include painful menstruation and often, irregular bleeding. What else you need to know about this chronic condition.

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Preparing for your period will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident when the period comes. Read Lil-Lets' tips and advice here.

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Organic Sanitary Protection

Everything You Need to Know About Organic Sanitary Protection

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What is toxic shock syndrome?

Toxic Shock Syndrome, or TSS, is one of those conditions that many of us have heard of, but few people know a lot about. We know that it's incredibly rare, and in truth, TSS is a dangerous illness that can sometimes even be fatal.

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