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Maxi Pads For Light to Medium Flow

Absorbent, soft and comfortable — Lil-Lets maxi pads are specially designed for light to medium flow. From day to night, the stay-put wings keep your menstrual pad in place. Benefit from leakproof protection and a range of normal, long and night absorbencies.

  • Maxi
  • Light - Medium Flow


SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads — Regular Scented

SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads — Regular Scented

SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads — Regular Unscented

SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads — Regular Unscented

Soft and absorbent menstrual pads for light to heavy flow

Lil-Lets pads have you covered no matter what your flow is like. Designed for maximum comfort, freshness, and leak protection, our range of period pads have wings and come in a variety of absorbencies. You can choose long, thin or extra thick maxi pads depending on your needs. There’s also the option to choose from unscented or scented period pads. Find exactly what you’re looking for.

Reliable pads for nighttime are also essential for a good night’s sleep. Lil-Lets period night pads are perfect for all-night protection. Made with thick cushioning and stay-put wings, these long pads offer a secure fit and a restful night.

If you’d like to know more about using a pad, our blog and product packaging have clear instructions to guide you through the process.


Frequently Asked Question: Pads

How do I dispose of my pads?

The best way to dispose of your used pad is to wrap it up in some toilet paper, a tissue or a sanitary bag (sometimes found in a public loo) and throw it in the bin. Pads can’t break up like toilet paper so they should never be flushed.

What absorbency pad should I use?

This actually varies throughout your cycle, with the heaviest blood flow usually occurring at the start of your period. We suggest you change your pad absorbency to match the heaviness of your flow to ensure you’re well protected throughout.

Your period flow can differ from day to day. If you use pads, you may need to use different sizes for each stage of your period. Some women may use up to three different pad absorbencies during their period. However, this is not true for everyone and you'll have to work out your own period pattern.

Lil-Lets has the widest range of pad absorbencies in SA, so even if you have a very heavy period, you will find a product that is right for you.

What is an ultra pad?

Ultra pads are thin compressed pads which is ideal for discretion and comfort. This is based on your own preference depending on if you want a thinner pad or a thicker pad

Have more questions on pads?

Got a question you’ve been too embarrassed to ask? Wondering which pad to use for a heavy flow?

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How do I know what size pad I need?

It’s important to choose the right pad for your menstrual flow and your own comfort. Your flow can change day-to-day while on your period, so you may need to use up to three different absorbencies. As a general rule, if you’re changing your pad every 4 hours or less because it’s saturated, you should switch to a higher absorbency.

Unsure which pad to choose? Take the quiz to find the perfect fit.

Where can I buy Lil-Lets sanitary pads?

You can buy Lil-Lets sanitary pads at general and healthcare retailers across South Africa.

Find the perfect pads for you.

Which is the best sanitary pad to use?

The best sanitary pad provides the appropriate absorbency for your flow and shape that works for your body. Your pad should be able to handle your flow for 4-8 hours without needing to be changed.     

Try these sanitary pads:

  • Lil-Lets Ultra thin Super Pads
  • Lil-Lets Essential Pads
  • SmartFit™ Lil-Lets Maxi Thick Pads
  • SmartFit™ Lil-Lets Maxi Pads
  • Lil-Lets Ultra thin Regular Pads
  • Lil-Lets Super Plus Ultra Pads

Find the best sanitary pad for you by completing the quiz.

What sanitary pad types are there?

Thick or thin. Regular length or extra length. There are a wide variety of sanitary pads      categorised by size, thickness, absorbency and material.

Types of sanitary pads include:

  • Ultra (thin)
  • Maxi (thick)
  • Organic
  • Scented
  • Unscented

Find the best sanitary pad for you.

What is the difference between Maxi and Ultra thin pads?

Maxi and Ultra pads have different thicknesses, and are made from different materials. Maxi pads have an absorbent core made from loose fibres, similar to cotton wool. In an Ultra pad, these fibres are compressed and combined with a super absorbent polymer that forms tiny gel-like beads when menstrual fluid is absorbed.

Are Maxi or Ultra thin pads the right choice for you? Complete this quiz to find out more.

What is the best pad for a very heavy period?

Try these pads for a heavy period:

  • Lil-Lets Ultra Pads – Super Plus
  • SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads – Super Plus Unscented
  • SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads – Night Unscented

Is your period very heavy? Find pad recommendations by taking this quiz.

Are there different sizes of pads?

Yes, pads come in different lengths, thickness and absorbencies. You should choose what works for you for both the fit, and your flow.

Find out which pad size is best for you.

Which sanitary pad is best for sensitive skin?

Try the following sanitary pads for sensitive skin:

  • Lil-Lets Organic Pads
  • Lil-Lets SmartFit™ Maxi Pads – Unscented


Got sensitive skin? Find the best pad for you.

Which pads are most absorbent?

Try these ultra-absorbent pads for very heavy flow:

  1. Lil-Lets Ultra Pads – Super Plus
  2. Lil-Lets SmartFit™ Super Maxi Thick Pads – Unscented
  3. SmartFit™ Lil-Lets Night Maxi Thick Pads – Unscented


Need ultra-absorbent pads? Find the best product for you with this quiz.

How often should you change your pad on a light flow day?

If you have light flow, you should be able to wear a Mini absorbency pad for 4 to 8 hours without it becoming fully saturated. If it's saturated in less than 4 hours, you don't have light flow and should use a higher absorbency.

Find the best pads for light flow here.

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