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SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads — Regular Scented

Maxi Thick for comfort and protection, with a super soft cover for added comfort.

  • Made better for you with an improved design for secure fit 
  • Made in South Africa
  • Super soft cover 

Available in:

  • Regular 10s (scented and unscented)
  • Regular 20s (scented and unscented) 

If your flow isn't light nor heavy, choose Lil-Lets' regular flow sanitary towels. These Lil-Lets maxi pads are ideal for every day of your period. 

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Frequently Asked Question: Unscented Maxi Thick Pads

What's the difference between a Maxi pad and a pad?

Pads come in thick (Maxi) or thin (Ultra) formats, and a variety of absorbencies to
keep you comfortable throughout your period. Some prefer a Maxi pad as they
feel it gives them extra protection; others may find Ultra pads more comfortable
and more discreet.

Find the best pad to suit your lifestyle. Take this short quiz.

Do Maxi pads absorb more?

Maxi pads come in a range of absorbencies, from light to very heavy flow. They
are thicker than an Ultra pad, and many find this more comfortable as they feel it
gives them extra protection.

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