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Long Incontinence Pantyliners

Don't let incontinence stop you from living your life – stay confident, active and dry all day long. Our highly-absorbent long incontinence pantyliners are designed to be comfortable, discrete and reduce odour. Whether you’re dealing with bladder leaks or the sudden urge to go, Lil-Lets Drylock™ long incontinence pantyliners can help you regain control.

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SmartFit™ Lil-Lets Drylock Long Incontinence Pantyliners

SmartFit™ Lil-Lets Drylock Long Incontinence Pantyliners

Frequently Asked Questions: Incontinence

What are incontinence products?

Incontinence products help people manage incontinence – the loss of bladder control. Absorbent pads and pantyliners are the most common incontinence products among women experiencing bladder weakness or the sudden urge to urinate. These products are worn inside the underwear to lock in moisture.

What are the best products for incontinence?

The best products for light incontinence are highly absorbent and comfortable pads and pantyliners.

We recommend the Lil-Lets Drylock™ range of incontinence products:

  1. Lil-Lets Drylock™ Regular Incontinence Pantyliners
  2. Lil-Lets Drylock™ Long Incontinence Pantyliners
  3. Lil Lets Drylock™ Regular Incontinence Pads

Where can I buy incontinence supplies?

You can buy incontinence supplies online and in-store at many of your favourite retail outlets and pharmacies. Look out for the Lil-Lets incontinence product range to enjoy the benefits of comfortable, absorbent pads and pantyliners.

What can I wear for bladder leakage?

You can wear incontinence products for bladder leakage such as super absorbent pantyliners and pads. Unlike your standard sanitary pads for periods, incontinence products can absorb a lot more fluid.

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