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SmartFit™ Lil-Lets Drylock Long Incontinence Pantyliners

Lil Lets Long Drylock™ Pantyliners

Feel comfortable, fresh and confident with Lil-Lets Drylock™ Incontinence Pantyliners — specially made to absorb moisture and last for several hours. Our Drylock™ technology makes it easy to manage light bladder leaks, including drips, dribbles and spurts. Lil-Lets Drylock™ long pantyliners also boast an ultra slim, long design and super soft cover.

Product Features:

  • Drylock™ technology locks in moisture and reduces odours
  • Specially designed for very light bladder leaks
  • Lil-Lets pantyliners have a super soft cover for comfort
  • Dermatologically tested and gentle on your skin
  • Individually folded and wrapped for hygiene and easy disposal
  • Super absorbent yet ultra thin and discrete
  • 100% free from fragrance, dye and bleach
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Frequenly Asked Questions: Long Incontinence Pantyliners

What are longer incontinence pantyliners for?

Long incontinence pantyliners are for women who experience regular bladder leakage, especially at night or during physical activities. The long design increases the coverage of the pad, meaning it’s more likely to absorb fluid before it reaches your underwear.

Can I wear incontinence pantyliners over night?

You can wear an incontinence pantyliner overnight, especially if you experience light bladder leakage. We recommend putting on a new incontinence liner just before bed. And if you experience moderate bladder leaks, consider wearing an incontinence product like the Lil-Lets Drylock™ Regular Pads.

Why are overnight incontinence pantyliners so long?

Overnight incontinence pantyliners have a long design so that they can cover a greater surface area of your underwear and absorb moisture. Fluid can flow towards the end of the pantyliner while you lay in bed horizontally. However, with longer liners, you can still capture the moisture in this position.

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