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Intimate Care Creme Wash

Our intimate care washes have been carefully formulated to maintain the natural pH balance of your vagina to give you gentle, everyday freshness. Available in Crème Wash or Gel Wash. Designed by women, for women

  • Gynaecologically and clinically approved
  • Maintains and protects natural pH balance of vagina
  • Contains Deoguard to assist with odour control
  • Gentle enough for everyday use
  • pH balanced and paraben-free
  • Rooibos extracts or milk extracts 
  • Fragrance-free
  • Everyday protection and freshness

What our customers think

Lilets intimate care creme wash is amazing. It's so smooth and gentle. After using it for the first time, It left me feeling fresh, comfortable and confident throughout the whole day. I recommend this product to every girl who loves feeling fresh throughout the whole day.

Nadine Radinne

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