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SmartFit™ Ultra Thin Pads — Regular

Ultra Thin for comfort and discretion. Micro-Gel Beads Lock Fluid in seconds.

Not light, not heavy — just regular? If so, Lil-Lets' ultra thin pads (regular) are the perfect option for your flow, suitable for most days of your period. 

Available in Mini, Regular, Super, and Super Plus absorbencies — so no matter your flow, we have a product for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Ultra Thin Pads

Are Ultra Thin Pads good?

Ultra Thin pads provide just as much protection as thick (Maxi) pads. Many
people find thinner pads more comfortable, and they can also be more discreet if
you’re wearing tight clothing.

How long do Ultra thin pads last?

Ultra thin pads come in a range of absorbencies to provide protection for up to 8
hours. If you find your pads are becoming saturated in under 4 hours, you should
switch to a higher absorbency Ultra thin pad.

Discover long-lasting Ultra thin pads that suit your lifestyle.

Are Ultra thin pads absorbent?

Ultra thin pads come in a range of absorbencies, so no matter your flow, the
right Ultra thin pad will provide you with up to 8 hours of protection.

Need absorbent pads? Find the best pads for you.

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