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SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads — Super Plus Unscented

Lil-Lets Maxi Thick Pads with wings have a maxi thick cushioning for extra comfort, protection and to offer complete security. Our maxi pads absorb fluid deep into the core in seconds, aswell as secure, stay-put wings which offer peace of mind protection, ensuring your pad stays in place however much you move around.

Our Maxi Super Plus pads are fragrance free and feel incredibly comfortable against your skin due to the specially designed super soft cover. They are individually wrapped so you can keep them in your bag when you're on the go! 

Product features: 

  • All-Night protection
  • Maxi thick cushioning for complete security 
  • Wider back for extra protection for all night confidence
  • Super soft cover, kind against your skin
  • Stay put wings for added security
  • Absorbent in seconds, holding fluid deep within the core for added protection against leaks
  • Fragrance free 

The Lil-Lets Maxi Thick Pads have a wider back for extra protection at night or for your heavy flow days.

Available in:

  • Super Plus 7s (unscented)
  • Night 7s (unscented)
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Frequently Asked Question: Unscented Maxi Thick Super Plus Pads

How often should I change my pad if I have a heavy flow?

Even if you have heavy flow, a pad with the correct absorbency should last up to
4-8 hours. If you’re having to change your pad every 2 to 4 hours, then try a
higher absorbency. If you're at the highest absorbency and still changing every
two hours, you should consult a doctor.

Got heavy flow? Find the perfect pad for you.

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