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Medium To Heavy Flow Period Products

We're on a mission to help you find the perfect menstrual products — no compromises! Find the ideal fit for a medium to heavy flow and feel confident and comfortable no matter what time of the month. From organic tampons to absorbent maternity pads, we've got light to medium flow period products to empower everyone.

  • Medium - Heavy Flow

SmartFit™ Ultra Thin Pads — Super

Lil-Lets Essential Pads – Scented

Lil-Lets Essential Pads – Unscented

SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads — Super Unscented

SmartFit™ Maxi Thick Pads — Super Scented

SmartFit™ Applicator Super Tampons

SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Super Tampons

SmartFit™ Non-Applicator Tampons - Regular & Super Multipack

SmartFit™ Non – Applicator Tampons – Super & Super Plus Multipack

SmartFit™ Organic Non-Applicator Super Tampons

SmartFit™ Organic Super Pads

SmartFit™ Teen Night Pads

SmartFit™ Teen Long Pads

SmartFit™ Maternity Maxi Pads With Wings

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