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SmartFit™ Lil-Lets Drylock Regular Incontinence Pads

Lil Lets Regular Drylock™ Pads

Lil-Lets Drylock™ Regular Incontinence Pads are the perfect fit for light to moderate bladder leaks – including unexpected spurts, streams and bursts. Enjoy your day while feeling dry, fresh and comfortable. The elasticated sides and Drylock™ technology secures the incontinence pads in place for extra protection. No matter how active you are, Lil-Lets pads have you covered.

Product Features:

  • Drylock™ technology is super absorbent and prevents odours
  • Specially designed for moderate bladder leaks
  • Lil-Lets pads have a super soft cover for comfort
  • Dermatologically tested and gentle on the skin
  • Wrapped and folded separately for hygiene and easy disposal
  • Maxi thick for ultimate absorption
  • 100% unscented pads, free from dye and bleach
  • Elasticated sides for a secure fit
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Frequently Asked Questions: Regular Incontinence Pads

Which incontinence pads are best?

The best incontinence pads in South Africa are long-lasting, comfortable and highly absorbent. We recommend trying Lil-Lets Drylock™ Regular Incontinence Pads for extra bladder leak protection.

Where to buy incontinence pads?

You can buy incontinence pads at many of your favourite general retailers and pharmacies. To try out comfortable, thick and absorbent incontinence products, look out for the Lil-Lets Drylock™ Regular Incontinence Pads.

What is the difference between sanitary pads and incontinence pads?

The difference between sanitary pads and incontinence pads is the level of absorbency. While sanitary pads can handle a heavy menstrual period, incontinence pads are designed to absorb the rapid and instant flow of urine. Ultimately, the incontinence pads can absorb much more fluid.

How do incontinence pads work?

Incontinence pads work by absorbing urine released through sudden bladder leaks. They all have a hydrophobic layer designed to effectively pull the urine away from the surface of the product. Lil-Lets Drylock™ technology helps to absorb fluids and promote dryness.

How long can I wear an incontinence pad for?

You can wear an incontinence pad for several hours, depending on how long the product takes to fill up with moisture. If you wear the incontinence pad overnight, we recommend changing it first thing in the morning.

How much urine can an incontinence pad hold?

An incontinence pad can typically hold about 1 cup of fluid or more. This also includes keeping the skin dry by pulling the fluid away from the surface of the pad.

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