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Making a difference to those in need

At Lil-Lets, it’s important for us that we support women throughout their time of month or time of life, regardless of challenges they face. Whether it be through product donations or our bathroom project, we are constantly finding ways to improve the lives of those in period poverty.

What is period poverty?

You may have heard a lot about period poverty.

Sadly, period poverty is an issue which affects many girls and women, both across Africa and internationally. According to the Stellenbosch Law Clinic, 30% of female learners in South Africa miss school while on their period as they cannot afford tampons or sanitary pads. As of the 1st of April 2019, the Government allowed sanitary pads and panty liners to be VAT-free, and we are proud to say that Premier FMCG/Lil-Lets pioneered this notion. However, with that being said, having access or affording sanitary products is only part of period poverty. 

So, what exactly is period poverty?

Someone suffering from period poverty may experience one or more of the following:

  • Difficulty affording, or having access to, sanitary products
  • A lack of education about periods, the menstrual cycle, and which products to use to manage their period
  • Feelings of shame or sadness due to the taboos and stigma surrounding the topic of menstruation

What is Lil-Lets doing to tackle period poverty?

Since 2017, Lil-Lets South Africa has been on a mission to empower young girls, teachers, and cleaners about the body and menstruation knowledge.

Lil-Lets' goal is to inspire a culture of inclusivity, self-acceptance, and dignity to help steer young girls on a path that provides them with the best opportunity to grow into confident empowered young women.

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Mowat CSI Bathroom

Here are some stats:

  • 18 bathroom makeovers achieved
  • 30 cleaners motivated
  • 270 school brand ambassadors mentored
  • 44 educational workshops held
  • Over 10 000 girls empowered

And growing!

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