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Lil-Lets Talk is Live!

Lil-Lets Talk is a unique community platform designed to provide meaningful support through all life’s periods. Because we’ve all had those moments when we’ve wondered if what we’re going through is normal, but been too ashamed to ask.

So if you’ve ever smuggled a pad or tampon to the bathroom, freaked out about discharge or wondered if sore boobs are a normal part of PMS, Lil-Lets Talk is the platform for you. It taps into the power of shared experience and the comfort that comes from being able to have open, honest and empowering conversations with other people who’ve been through it all too.

By pooling the collective knowledge of South African menstruators, we’re building a supportive online community where you can ask (and answer) questions on topics ranging from first periods all the way to menopause, all with the goal of normalising these important conversations.

Make a real difference

We believe in the power of open conversations to open minds, so for every question asked on Lil-Lets Talk until 9 August 2020, we’re donating a pack of Lil-Lets Maxi Pads to menstruators in need. In addition to this, we’re giving 100 active Lil-Lets Talk users a year’s supply of their preferred Lil-Lets products*.

Meet the moderators

The Lil-Lets Talk community is run and moderated by a team of inspiring, period proud women with diverse backgrounds in menstrual health activism and gender empowerment.

Some of the moderators we have are award-winning journalist and author of Milk Fever, Megan Ross, as well as up-and-coming content creator, Bokang Lehlokoe, who is best-known for her YouTube channel, The B Word.

More empowerment, less shame

From endometriosis and blood clots to morning after pills and pregnancy, Lil-Lets Talk will give you the information and support you need, minus the shame. There’ll be no euphemisms or jargon, and no AI bots. Just real people, calling it how it is and working together to cancel the culture of silence around periods.

Ready to join us? Simply go to www.lil-letstalk.co.za, sign up to become a member, engage in the conversation, and, most importantly, ask the questions you’ve always been too shy to ask. Lil-Lets Talk.

*Ts&Cs apply

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