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Lil-Lets Talk about becoming a Mom

Dineo Ranaka is back on the pink couch to talk about the less-talked-about 'fourth trimester'

Lil-Lets Talk with Dineo brings the empowering conversations from our Lil-Lets Talk community platform to life.

In this episode, Dineo Ranaka is back on the pink couch to talk about the less-talked-about 'fourth trimester'.

This is the delicate time post-birth when new moms need a tremendous amount of support while they're getting used to raising another human and dealing with major physical and emotional changes. Dineo is joined on the couch by postpartum coach and doula, Genevieve Putter, gynaecologist and sexologist, Dr Mpume Zenda (aka Dr.Gynae), and mom-blogger, Thando Naves.

The conversation continues over on where you can ask questions and get support for all life’s periods from experts and peers. It’s free to join, and Lil-Lets donates a pack of Maxi Pads to those in need for every question asked and answered. Join the movement. #LilLetsTalk

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