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Period Products & Choice: Lil-Lets Talk With Lucy Pearl Khofi

Your hosts, Bokang Lehlokoe and Megan Ross, talk about period product preferences with activist, medical anthropologist and Lil-Lets Talk Responder, Lucy Pearl Khofi.

Lil-Lets Talk Online is the vodcast where we talk all things periods, smashing taboos and myth busting along the way. This is a safe space where your hosts, Megan Ross and Bokang Lehlokoe, interview special guests on everything from period product preferences to infertility, and more.

Lil-Lets Talk Online builds on from our popular Lil-Lets Talk series, which took inspiration from the thousands of interactions happening on the Lil-Lets Talk platform, on which Megan and Bokang are both responders, since its launch in early 2021.

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