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Painful Periods: Lil-Lets Talk With Dineo Ranaka

Period pain is often dismissed as something we must simply "deal with." But where should we draw the line? In this episode Dineo Ranaka and guests talk heavy periods, endometriosis, PCOS and more.

If we’re doubled over in pain, or physically sick any other time of the month, we seek help or rest. And yet, if we experience that type of debilitating pain while on our periods, we think we should just push through it because it’s ‘just’ our period.

It’s time to stop the ‘get over it’ mentality and talk more openly and honestly about the very real experiences of severe period pain and some of the underlying conditions associated with it.

In this episode of Lil-Lets Talk, Dineo Ranaka is joined on the couch by gynaecologist (and expert responder on Lil-Lets Talk) Dr Mpume Zenda, endometriosis warriors Ntsako Mhlanga and Wanga Neswiswi, and Lil-Lets Talk lead moderator, Megan Ross.

Got questions about heavy periods, period pain and more? We’ve got all the answers on our free community platform lil-letstalk.co.za. It’s a safe space to get support for all life’s periods from experts and peer responders from around the country.

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