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Lil-Lets Talk Is Live!

Empowering conversations all about periods. Ready to join us?

Lil-Lets Talk is a unique new community platform designed to provide meaningful support through all of life’s periods. Because we’ve all had those moments when we’ve wondered if what we’re going through is normal, but been too ashamed to ask.

So if you’ve ever snuck a pad or tampon to the bathroom, freaked out about discharge or wondered if sore boobs are a normal part of PMS, Lil-Lets Talk is the platform for you. It taps into the power of shared experience and the comfort that comes from being able to have open, honest and empowering conversations.

Users can sign up for free and submit questions from their profiles, or anonymously, on anything from first periods and puberty, to pregnancy, postpartum, and even menopause. The beauty of the platform lies in knowing that if you ask a question about any life stage, you’ll get answers from real people who ‘get it’ and have been through it all too.

Growing from strength to strength

Since piloting the platform in May 2020 we have seen the Lil-Lets Talk community flourish. We have shared our stories, empowered and encouraged one another. Now, we are so excited to enter a new chapter of the Lil-Lets Talk journey, adding a panel of four experts to our already growing pool of responders from around the country.

By pooling the collective knowledge of South African women, girls, and people with periods, we are building a supportive online community, all with the goal of normalising these important conversations. Because the more you know, the more empowered you are to make the choices that work for you and your body.

Make a real difference

We believe in the power of open conversations to open minds, so for every question asked and answer posted on Lil-Lets Talk, we donate a pack of Lil-Lets Maxi Pads to those in need. Anyone can nominate a worthy organisation to become a Lil-Lets Talk beneficiary by filling out the nomination form right here. The more conversations we have on the platform, the bigger the difference we can make both on- and offline.

Meet the team

The Lil-Lets Talk community is run and moderated by a team of inspiring, period proud women with diverse backgrounds in menstrual health activism and gender empowerment. Lil-Lets Talk collaborators include award-winning journalist and author of Milk Fever, Megan Ross, as well as content creator, Bokang Lehlokoe, best-known for her YouTube channel, The B Word.

Now, we’re proud to introduce gynaecologist Dr Mpume Zenda, pelvic floor physio Candice Langford, clinical psychologist Slindile Mbatha, and postpartum doula Genevieve Putter, to the Lil-Lets Talk team. These phenomenal women join our existing community of responders from around SA, and will be available to answer some of your most pressing questions that require expert knowledge and input.

Period issues and conditions

Are your periods ghosting you? Want to try out tampons for the first time? Wondering if you should see a gynaecologist about severe period pain? Cue Dr Mpume Zenda aka Dr Gynae, who is an obstetrician and gynaecologist with a special interest in sexual and reproductive health and sexual medicine. She answers questions related to common issues and conditions across the different life stages.

Pelvic floor and sexual health

If you’ve ever wondered if pelvic floor exercises are for you, or worried that you’re the only one who experiences those ‘oops’ moments (hint: you’re not) then Candice Langford (@nurtureyourvagina) is your go-to Lil-Lets Talk expert. A physiotherapist with a special interest in pelvic health and sexual health, Candice is here to address your questions related to all those ‘taboo’ topics including period poops, painful sex, and strengthening the pelvic floor before and after birth.

Menstrual and mental health

Are your mood swings out of control? Or have you noticed that your anxiety gets worse around the time of your period? Lil-Lets Talk has a holistic focus and that's why we believe that mental health should be a priority in discussions about periods. Clinical psychologist and mental health activist, Slindile Mbatha, is here to address questions related to emotional wellbeing (whether it’s yours or your child’s) and the connection between mental health and menstruation.

Oh baby! Everything new moms should know

Moms will be delighted to know that Genevieve Putter aka The New Normal is on board to tackle all your postpartum concerns. A qualified doula who focuses on the mental, physical and emotional support of mothers through pregnancy and post-birth recovery, Genevieve has been instrumental in opening up the conversations around the Fourth Trimester and what real motherhood looks like. She’s here to help you navigate the postpartum period and answer questions you may have about pregnancy, birth and what comes after.

More empowerment, less shame

From endometriosis and blood clots to PMS and pregnancy, Lil-Lets Talk gives you the information and support you need, minus the shame. There are no euphemisms, no jargon, and no AI bots. Just real people and real experts, calling it how it is and working together to cancel the culture of silence around periods.

Ready to join us? Simply go to www.lil-letstalk.co.za, sign up to become a member for free, engage in the conversation, and, most importantly, ask the questions you’ve always been too shy to ask. #LilLetsTalk

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