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Infertility: Lil-Lets Talk With Fatima Kathrada

Your hosts, Bokang Lehlokoe and Megan Ross, talk all about infertility to pharmacist, researcher and Lil-Lets Talk Responder, Fatima Kathrada.

Lil-Lets Talk Online builds on from our popular Lil-Lets Talk series, which took inspiration from the thousands of interactions happening on the Lil-Lets Talk platform, on which Megan and Bokang are both responders, since its launch in early 2021.

In episode 1 of the vodcast series, Megan and Bokang speak to pharmacist, lecturer and researcher, Fatima Kathrada, about conditions that can cause infertility, signs of being unable to conceive and how to support those who are currently struggling to fall pregnant. As a Lil-Lets Talk responder herself, Fatima has been privy to the real interest in fertility on the platform, and has advised countless Lil-Lets Talk members on how to track their periods, contraception and more.

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