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Cervical Cancer: Lil-Lets Talk With Dineo Ranaka

In SA, black women are six times more likely to die of cervical cancer than white women. Dineo Ranaka unpacks the taboos around HPV, pap smears and more, with expert guests and a cervical cancer survivor.

Lil-Lets Talk with Dineo is back - bringing the enlightening and empowering conversations from our Lil-Lets Talk community platform to life. And this time we’re talking about Cervical Cancer.

Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest number of new cervical cancer cases in the world, and it's the deadliest cancer for women in the region. But it's preventable.

Dineo Ranaka sits down with WITS Reproductive Health and HIV Institute research clinician, Dr Danielle Travill, journalist and author, Pontsho Pilane, and cervical cancer survivor, Portia Blos, to discuss the layered issues that can lead to late detection, misinformation and the taboos that persist around female sexual health.

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